So What Is It About VoIP That’s Different From a Regular PSTN Phone Service?

People often question:  what makes Voip different from a PSTN phone? Is it the look or feel, or is it just a thing about keeping up with the technology? In reality, it is more than just keeping up with the latest technologies that arrive everyday. Though, it won’t be wrong if said that both PSTN […]

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Calling 911 From Your Voip Service Is Now Possible!

New legislation gives all VoIP subscribers access to standard 911 services. Since the day legislation for providing 911 services has been passed, we have seen a greater number of people shifting to Voip phone services. It’s like everyone was just waiting for that very bill to be pronounced so they could officially endorse Voip and […]

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The Over-powering Features of VoIP Phones

Voip phones are rapidly taking over the world of communication, defeating its precursor – the traditional POTS phone. Internet phones have become popular among people owing to its affordability and extraordinary quality of service. Once people only knew of Skype as an economical or zero-costing phoning service to call family, friends and stay connected with business […]

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Conquering Voip Drawbacks for the Betterment of Voip QoS

Nevertheless, there is no denying of the fact that Voip offers the best telephony services to have ever offered to mankind. Besides a lot of advantages, there are a few drawbacks as well. These are: A poor service owing to a bad internet connection. Poor voice quality if service is taken from a third party […]

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VoIP and its Voicemail Features

Voip phones are the growing rage in today’s telecommunication market. For business or residential purposes, everyone is adopting Voip phones because of the economical factor and brilliant quality of service. One of the reasons for this shift from ordinary landlines to this latest innovation is the voip features. The biggest difference between voip features and […]

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Use Voip For Your SOHO Business

Running your own business is a tough job. There are a million things you need to see from managing record files paperwork, check accounts and finances, ensure proper cash-flow to attend meetings, etc. Even if you have a small office/home office (SOHO) business, the responsibilities are still hard-hitting and need a meticulous attention and hard […]

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VoIP–A Cost-effective Communication Tool

Voice over Internet Protocol (Voip) or internet phone has taken over the telecommunications technology and paved way for better and faster communications, integrated with both audio and video technologies. Internet phone service uses high-speed internet to be able to make and receive calls at a cost, which is 90% less than traditional PSTN services. Traditional […]

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VoIP Service Vs. Freeware Systems – What is More Secure?

Voip phone service providers are day-by-day bringing in bigger and better amenities to offer their customers. A convenient, flexible, and cost-effective facility is a lot better than any other telecommunication services. Voip, in particular, is gaining popularity in the corporate world. If you want to use Voip, the best, in fact the authentic and safest […]

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How Internet Phone System Benefits Small Businesses

Large businesses have resources and huge funds to easily manage a widespread business, whereas a small business set up lacks the facilities and amenities and rather has a limited sphere of fiscal resources. Small businesses do not munificent economic resources and alternatives, compared to large firms possesses for investing in latest technologies. So, in this […]

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How VoIP & IM work Hand In Hand

With Voip, I believe, we all have a familiarity with and often heard and discussed about this blessing technology. Voip services have brought about a major revolution within our lives and the telecommunications industry. It has replaced many of the previous communicating technologies. It has also updated the functionalities of some previously existing communicating tools […]

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