How VoIP & IM work Hand In Hand

With Voip, I believe, we all have a familiarity with and often heard and discussed about this blessing technology. Voip services have brought about a major revolution within our lives and the telecommunications industry. It has replaced many of the previous communicating technologies. It has also updated the functionalities of some previously existing communicating tools and breathed air into them. One of such tools is IM – Instant Messaging.

 Instant messaging appeared in the communications sphere in the 90’s era, when the engineers were experimenting with bringing on audio streaming to the web world. The experimentation was indeed a huge success and therefore, IM was brought to surface in form of a helpful and useful communication means. Nevertheless, IM has its weaknesses- it lacks the presence and the physical command to recognize human voice. It is a good means to carry out quick conversations, with users expressing themselves in various interesting styles and emotions, yet these emotions lacked the essential element – authenticity. Meanwhile, it also became an essential tool for easy communications within office premises, becoming more of a business communication commodity than being merely a fun and entertaining technology. 

 With the passage of time, people changed…needs changed…and scientists began to concentrate on how to converge human voice within instant messaging. Along came VoIP services and Voip providers who reformed and handled the situation by replacing the traditional POTS phone with advanced services that enabled sounds waves to be transmitted as data packets in real time. Owing to the dispersed nature of the Internet, which made it easier to manage the ability to use IM, made it almost impossible for running audio files, particularly to be able to pave way for two-way communication between users. Additionally, IM data packets could interrupt VoIP communication, which in turn made it complicated to use both the services at the same time. With more users acquiring high-speed broadband connections, VoIP services didn’t suffer with the interruption problems, all the while sustained an excellent audio quality and other features. 

 Nowadays, with the aid of broadband connections many users use VoIP services effectively, which works hand in hand with IM. Although, there are some people out there who believe that users might be less efficient in this kind of communicating environment. However, only those among us know well who find it easy to integrate voice into their texting and chatting.

 Today we can easily access VoIP services, which feature excellent sound transmission quality while making or receiving calls, at extremely low costs. Within office environments, though many users still opt for using the POTS handset, while working on their PCs. VoIP and IM allow some users to do multiple tasks while continuing their conversations. They can easily speak to their office members, friends, family, or some client on the phone at the same time as texting with one another using IM. Highly developed IM features have enabled office users to easily share files, for instance photos, documents, etc.

 Given that this type of communication isn’t difficult to carry out even with ordinary phone, VoIP service providers are looking for newer methods to make this multiple communication means much easier and more effective for Voip users. IM providers, today, have integrated VoIP with video and voice chat software, which makes it easier for users to simply open their desktop icon to facilitate themselves to hit off a conversation … easy, isn’t it? Voip users can also use a Bluetooth device headset to carry out hands-free conversation.

 With Voip and Instant Messaging (IM) teamed up, VoIP providers search for innovative ways to make a distinction between their services and offerings. For instance, there are some Voip providers who offer means to be able to make conference calls while carry out online presentations, even files, videos and much more. Also, you are offered voting and instant feedback tools and interesting emotions for adding in emotions while talking. Moreover, you don’t have to worry much about costs since VoIP and IM have cut down the cost of this easy and accessible collaboration to almost…zero!

 For many internet phone and IM users, next up is accessing this facility on wifi phones. Voip and IM services on wireless wifi phones would predominantly attract international business travelers who rather fancy low-priced online calling services, in view of costly international roaming charges.



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