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Axvoice Features Refresher

Axvoice takes pride in offering a fully comprehensive service that is filled with all the features that a VoIP subscriber might be interested in. Today, we are going to have a detailed look at all the VoIP service features that Axvoice offers its service subscribers. Outbound call features When we are making phone calls, we […]

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VoIP Service Features – What to look for?

VoIP service is better in many different ways when compared to the ordinary land line phone system. Finding the right type of internet phone service can be daunting when there are so many options to opt for. One deciding factor that makes comparing internet phone services much easier is the service features that a VoIP […]

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The VoIP Advantage: Home and Small Businesses

Self-employed people to large organizations, all are switching to broadband internet phone; also known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). The rapid increase in demand makes one wonder as to what is so attractive about this service. As I am a telecommuting small-business-owing freelance writer, I can give you some insight about the service. In […]

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VoIP Is For Everyone

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), also known as Internet Phone or Broadband Phone. It is known as Internet Phone because the working of VoIP is directly dependent upon Internet. It is a perfect substitute of landline phone service. VoIP makes use of internet to communicate data among parties on call unlike the traditional wired phone. […]

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VoIP System, the Best for Your Business

Inspired by the latest technology, Voice over Internet Protocol, lot and lots of businesses and individuals are switching to it as their primary communication setup. VoIP makes specialized use of Broadband internet, which is the necessity of every business these days. Fast and consistent internet service is the basic requirement of Internet telephony (VoIP), the […]

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Business VoIP – An Efficient and Cost-Effective Solution

There are certain things that play important role and must be taken into consideration when a business using a normal landline telephone is willing to convert the medium of communication to the next level. By next level here, it refers to Business VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Those things are as follows: High Speed Internet: […]

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VoIP is Equally Good for Businesses and Residential Use

You must have heard about Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) by now as it is the hot topic these days on different communication technology platforms. But in case you are not up-to-date regarding this new mean of communication; VoIP makes use of Broadband internet as a way to commute voice between parties. With VoIP you […]

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It is Time You Switch from Traditional Phone System to VoIP Service

VoIP Service is taking over residential and business communications quite rapidly. Telecommunication industry sees the evolution of VoIP as one of the biggest leap towards perpetual success. Traditional phone systems and PBX systems have become a reminder of the bygone age. Today’s digital era speaks of nothing but digital innovations and latest inventions all designed […]

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VoIP – A Revolution in Telecommunications

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is also known as Internet Phone and Broadband Phone. The reason it being called as Internet Phone and Broadband Phone is that it makes use of a fast internet connection (Broadband) to communicate voice among people on call. Unlike traditional phone service, it does not make use of copper wires […]

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The Values of Business VoIP

We have been becoming a witness of this fact that shows a number of corporate houses and enterprises of every type are turning towards the use of business VoIP because they have understood the importance of this technology. But the style of measuring the worth of the VoIP phone is different for all. A Few […]

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