Business VoIP – An Efficient and Cost-Effective Solution

There are certain things that play important role and must be taken into consideration when a business using a normal landline telephone is willing to convert the medium of communication to the next level. By next level here, it refers to Business VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Those things are as follows:

High Speed Internet:

Internet connection acts as a bone of contention regarding the functioning of Business VoIP. So a business must have a high speed internet connection in order to take full advantage of this exciting technology. To get the better of business VoIP the speed of the internet must match with the speed required for its functioning. Well if we talk about small scale businesses, they normally use dial up connections. Dial up connections are too slow and are not eligible for the functioning of VoIP but in the case of small scale businesses with very few people it can work. The situation will be different is case of businesses running at large scale and having large number of workforce. There has to be a magnificently faster internet connection for such businesses. The dial up internet connections can work properly as far as the normal downloading is concerned. But when it comes to the transmission of voice and attaining high quality sound then there must be an internet connection that is way faster than the dial up one.

Determining a proper Internet connection speed for Business VoIP:

There are some questions raised regarding the minimum required internet speed for the business VoIP. Well simple answer to those questions is that to have an internet connection that can easily afford 20 out of 60 persons to use the VoIP at the one time. This is an example of large-scale businesses. When we talk about small-scale businesses then DS1 connection will also do well. Therefore, the bottom line is that the businesses must make sure that their internet service provider is providing them with at least minimum required internet speed. A slow internet connection will decrease the quality of voice.
Use Switches instead of Hubs:
Apart from the internet speed, the businesses should be keen enough to utilize the switches instead of using hubs on the internet. Business VoIP deals with the transmission of voice over internet and that cannot be done through using hubs. There is a requirement for the use of switches.

Saving the Equipment costs:

Though VoIP reduces the cost of calling but the equipment needed to install VoIP may cost a lot. There is simple alternative way to avoid these kinds of costs by using media gateways. All you need to do is to buy a media gateway and install it with your existing landline telephone. There is no need to replace the landline telephone with a new VoIP device. But in order to install a media gateway and convert your landline telephone into a broadband phone, the most important thing is to let the internet service provider know about the installation so they can do it efficiently without any mess. This process will eventually save money for the businesses.

So, with few important information you can avail the best out of this service, enjoy VoIP



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