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VoIP Fax – How to improve the quality?

Faxing with VoIP has been a mystery that few VoIP phone service experts have so far been successfully able to unbundle. VoIP fax has always been guilty of not providing the quality fax results that are needed by the business world. This one single thing has been turned against VoIP phone service by the landline […]

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Benefits of Using VoIP in Businesses

Businesses are always up for making their ventures more profitable and less costly to operate. One way of achieving that is switching the technology for a particular process and save money. Businesses have been using VoIP for many years now and each day many new entrepreneurs are embracing this technology for the benefits that it […]

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Axvoice – Choice Of Smart Voip Service Users

I am a technology hobbyist and one of my most favorite ways of passing time is reviewing different products and services related to technology. I have been associated with reviewing technology for many years. VoIP phone service is one of my favorite topics as I love this technology, which frees you off all the heavy […]

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Usual Problems Faced By A Voip User

The life of an average phone user can become difficult when he or she is having trouble with the phone service. The same can happen to a VoIP service user as well. Today, we are going to have a look at the common problems that are faced by the usual internet phone subscriber. Faulty VoIP […]

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What are the different kinds of VoIP phone service

VoIP or internet phone is a not a new technology. However, there are different types of VoIP providers that offer their services to the internet phone subscribers. Today we will be having a look at all the different available options to see which one is the best for you. Let us go through all the […]

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How to Setup VoIP Phone?

All the internet phone companies offer lower cost phone solutions than the ordinary landline phone services. One key advantage is that you can either use your existing phone number or even subscribe for a new one. Let us have a look at this step-by-step guide for setting up VoIP phone. Things You Need to Have […]

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Click to call integration via VoIP phone service

If you are a consistent web user, making a call by clicking your system would be more intriguing for you than exploring your never ending phone book or manually entering a number on your mobile set. Further advancements in VoIP phone service have rendered it possible to convert phone numbers on a web page into […]

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Land line VS VoIP phone – The ultimate knock out

Ever considered why more and more landline phone users are shifting to the internet phone. Today we are going to compare both these telecommunication technologies to let you know the real reasons which make people switch to internet phone. Technology behind each phone service The difference between landline phone and internet phone is not only […]

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VoIP Phone Service: Uniqueness from Every Angle

VoIP or voice over internet protocol is an evolution of old systems through which communication was carried out. In old days there were only letters, and then came telephones, then emails and mobile phones until it was also possible to send and share pictures with each other. However, the crowning glory of all these methods […]

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Take A Step Forward Into The Future – VoIP Phone Service

It was believed that a financial crunch only affects the individual consumers because corporate giants somehow manage to save their empires and survive the financial downturns. However, this myth has been rejected by the recent financial crunch. Numerous multi-nationals have collapsed in light of the recent financial meltdown. Communication is an integral part of a […]

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