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It was believed that a financial crunch only affects the individual consumers because corporate giants somehow manage to save their empires and survive the financial downturns. However, this myth has been rejected by the recent financial crunch. Numerous multi-nationals have collapsed in light of the recent financial meltdown.

Communication is an integral part of a business and it was believed that businesses have one of the highly sophisticated communication networks. If a customer is not able to reach its supplier on time or if the manager cannot reach its client on time, then naturally it will result in loss of millions of dollars per annum. Businesses on average incur more than $100,000 + tax on telecommunication bills per annum. The recent global financial meltdown has left businesses regardless of size hunting for telecommunication alternatives. Internet has previously come to the rescue at numerous occasions, and once again we turn to internet services for an alternative to existing means of communication.

VoIP phone service is an internet based service which allows users to make voice calls via the internet. Analogue signals are converted to digital data packets which are then transferred from one end to the other via the internet. Upon reaching its intended destination, the digital data packets are converted back to analogue voice signals, allowing users to conduct real time voice conversations. As the technology uses an internet connection, in order to experience the best of VoIP Phone Service and to experience flawless service, it is imperative that you subscribe to a high bandwidth internet connection.

VoIP Phone Service has sent a shockwave to all existing monopolist conventional telephone service providers. A VoIP phone service has helped individuals and firms to half their telecommunication bills. One of the biggest advantage of using VoIP business services is that if you need an extra landline in your office, one does not have to go through the trouble of installing a new telephone wire throughout the office, all you have to do is connect a VoIP box to Local Area Network which as access to the internet. Therefore, if a business decides to switch to Voice over Internet Protocol services then it does not have to worry about huge equipment costs. Existing internet or local area network cabling can be utilized. Furthermore, you can also use more than one line on one internet socket, therefore reducing or completely eliminating line rent.

VoIP service providers such as Axvoice offer numerous value added services such as Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, fax, voicemail and many more services for free. For the same services, one would have to incur a substantial cost to avail the aforementioned services.

There are numerous VoIP service providers, and the most difficult task is selecting the right VoIP service provider and as already mentioned as communication is an integral part of an organization we cannot afford to experiment with the communication network. Therefore, it is advised that you opt for Axvoice as in the past few years it has managed to establish itself in this highly competitive market and it is catering successfully to both residential and corporate clients.




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