How Business Phone Systems benefit

This article is just my way of thanking Business Phone Systems and VOIP communication. I inherited my father’s local shipping business after his sudden death. Though I wanted to pursue my own career but I still couldn’t leave hundreds of people jobless; so whether willingly or unwillingly I had to come back home and join the family business. One of the first issues I had to encounter was bills; having multiple landlines and cell phones cost a fortune, which was for obvious reasons unacceptable. So I decided to switch to internet communication; I was already a pretty satisfied Home phone customer of theirs yet, I was a little nervous on using it.

Anyhow, I took a leap of faith and got a Business Phone System; and believe me VOIP never fails to surprises me. Though this form of communication is relatively new yet it serves a very complete package. Really good voice quality, a service filled with numerous features, insanely low calling rates and mobility to move anywhere and everywhere without the trouble of changing the number.

Finding a Business Phone System that suited my type of business wasn’t easy. I wanted a service that could be easily scaled, one which provided me with the opportunity to grow. A transparent service which provides same standard of service and provided necessary freedom to take business in the direction I needed.

After searching I ended up finding the most suitable Business Phone System to be Axvoice “small business plan”. It was a simple plan, which had absolutely everything; cheap rates and free minutes to talk both on net and off net. Virtually free international calls in almost every country of the world. This is only because they understand the current state of internet telephony. But thing that captured my eye in this Business Phone System was the technology offered by Axvoice. Their system is constantly evolving and improving; it identifies trouble or any abnormality and corrects it. Thus a user enjoys continuous uninterrupted high quality communication. 

It also needs no extra hard ware to work unlike some Business Phone System by some internet service providers. All it needs is a simple device to talk connected to a router and an internet connection. Axvoice also lets a user to choose any device he likes it can even be your very own laptop. I was also amazed by the ability to choose multiple devices for same calling number, enabling me to stay connected with all my workers all the time regardless of me being in office.

Probably the biggest favor for me was the service that enabled me to retain my father’s original number. It had immense sentimental value for me and was more of a blessing to have that number. It saved me from the hassle of redistributing the number to all those customers.

In the end I would just like to thank VOIP Business Phone System in helping me take something that was really dear to my father in a direction I wanted. I might not be doing what I planned to do, but with help of Axvoice “small business plan” I’ll surely carve out a new destiny.              




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