VoIP Phone Service: Uniqueness from Every Angle

VoIP or voice over internet protocol is an evolution of old systems through which communication was carried out. In old days there were only letters, and then came telephones, then emails and mobile phones until it was also possible to send and share pictures with each other. However, the crowning glory of all these methods is VoIP Phone Service that integrates all these methods into one which is less time consuming, cheap and more economical to use. This technology works by converting data into packets and transmitting it over a sound internet connection, be it broadband or cable net. This is done through a packet switching network from one computer to another. However, like speed changes with using fast speed internet connection the quality of the sound transmitted can also vary. If the connection is fast then lucid conversations can be easily carried out.

Perhaps the major advantage of such a method is extremely low costs incurred which are not possible through the public switched telephone network (PSTN). VoIP Phone Service is therefore providing exceptional services among uncountable excellent ones. It is comparatively simple in functioning. When a call is made a signal is received through the PBX as soon as the receiver is picked up. The dial tone is then sent back to the caller indicating that the link has been created and conversations can now be commenced. From then on the process is pretty simple and for the user the call is pretty much the same as making a call through traditional phones. However there are many things working at the back-end totally different than how it works in the PSTN. A validity check is made to ensure that the number dialed is valid. It is then assigned an IP through the IP host. A constant connection is then sustained between the caller’s PBX system and the destination’s IP host. From there on the system of transmitting data packets start. This again happens between the PBX and IP Host.

This was how it works at the back-end but what makes it very easy to use is the fact that it provides such facilities that other methods have failed to provide till now. VoIP Service has very interesting features indeed. One basic feature is the phone required for making calls. An ATA (Analogue Telephone Adapter) which is used to convert sound into voice signals so that now it can be transmitted over the IP.

This is what makes VoIP Service a very interesting method to use. Furthermore, in today’s rising population as well as education has led to more computers and a massively increasing demand for VoIP Phone Service. Larger the number of people with computers greater the demand is. Not only is this a factor affecting demand but also the thing that it is very flexible in nature. Since the business has become so profitable many service providers have entered the industry. They have further simplified the method and have enhanced it with providing innumerable packages that suit your needs. One very popular provider is Axvoice that caters to not only individual needs but to business needs as well. Making the experience ten times enjoyable.



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  • Tom

    Many people consider ATA or analogue telephone adapter a must for the VoIP service. We can make and receive calls even without ATA. First of all many telephone sets as for VoIP calls are available in the market. Second, you can use VoIP service with your computer also.

  • Chris

    I don’t VoIP service on computer is feasible in any way. Specially, at home old people and children are not very well acquainted with the software and use of computer. Thus VoIP on computer becomes totally useless for them because they don’t know how to use it.

  • Jones

    I would also support ATA. VoIP works best with ATA. Altough, special VoIP phones are available in the market but they are very costly. Most of the VoIP service providers are offering ATA without any extra charges. With ATA just a little effort, you makes your previous phone set compatible with VoIP service.

  • Linda

    No doubt, you can use VoIP without ATA also but I would say this is the easieset way to use the VoIP service. It is not very difficult on computer but old people or children who do not know how to use the computer, will not be able to use the VoIP service on computer.

  • Creamer

    The discussion is giving an impression as if ATA were something very complicated. The fact is it is just a small box. If you have got it from your VoIP service provider, you have to simply attach it to your ordinary phone set and it will start working.