Click to call integration via VoIP phone service

If you are a consistent web user, making a call by clicking your system would be more intriguing for you than exploring your never ending phone book or manually entering a number on your mobile set. Further advancements in VoIP phone service have rendered it possible to convert phone numbers on a web page into links enabling direct connections. Such functions are supported by Mozilla browsers with a Firefox add-on.Click to call integration via VoIP phone service

In addition to VoIP phone service being highly beneficial for the users, the convenience placed by click to call integration is something of a luxury. Click to call integration saves the user from hassle of dialing the numbers. It is particularly convenient when a third person needs to be added in an ongoing conversation. Conference calling has never been that much convenient. Either u need to count in a mutual friend for a lively chat or want to include a boss for a final approval, just click on to add whilst keeping your conversation on track.

Click to call integration is also very helpful while conducting research. The feature is also supported by Google chrome browser with a Chrome add-on. Imagine you need to make one call after for confirming a series of facts regarding a given subject. How handy it could be to make all those calls by mere clicking them one by one? Either you are intended to confirm rates from different vendors or comparing the tariffs of several hotels, a series of calls is far convenient to play through VoIP phone service click to call integration.

Another plus point associated with this service is that even Microsoft outlook can be configured with this service through which all your contacts whom you once communicated with via emails, can be instantly called just clicking on their respective names. Communication with far away friends has never been so easy before the advent of VoIP phone service where quality, convenience and efficiency is provided and that too at considerably reduced cost. Whether you are using your PC or your mobile phone for VoIP purpose, the service is at your disposal 24-hours at usually low VoIP rates.

Once having your Microsoft outlook configured for the service, you can call your contacts as well as any other number that is there in the outlook irrespective of your location. The service has rendered features like redial and speed dial available at your fingertips through VoIP phone service.

Click to call service offers a wide range of compatibility in a way that it is a software dependent feature that has to do less with the hardware under use. It means that you can avail the service with any type of phone via Microsoft outlook. While placing a call via Microsoft outlook, the call first gets connected to the caller’s soft phone and then gets connected to the desired recipient.
Axvoice offers click to call integration along with effective VoIP phone service.



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