VoIP Service Features – What to look for?

VoIP service is better in many different ways when compared to the ordinary land line phone system. Finding the right type of internet phone service can be daunting when there are so many options to opt for. One deciding factor that makes comparing internet phone services much easier is the service features that a VoIP provider is offering. Service features decide the number of phone functions that a VoIP phone service will be able to deliver to you. There are many different kinds of VoIP service features that are offered to the customers. Here is a look at some of the most outstanding features that help businesses as well as individuals make the best of their VoIP service. Next time you are choosing your internet phone service, ask for these most important features without which your phone service will not be complete.

VoIP Service Features

Conference calling

Conference calling is an essential feature for the Business as well as Home phone users. Using this feature you can talk to two persons simultaneously. The ability to communicate with more than one people increases the level of communication and integration. This kind of facility also helps get input from three people at the same time.

Free user to user in network calls

When we opt for a VoIP provider, we often neglect the fact that we may be able to get free calls to make as well. Many good VoIP services provide free of charge calls when you are making phone calls to people in the same network. This is extremely economical as many big families can subscribe for many lines and talk free of cost with each other. However, not all services offer this feature and many even tie some hidden charges to utilize this kind of facility. Small businesses with expanding number of employees can also take the advantage of such feature. This is the best way to improve the overall integration of the business within the organization, without the need to pay big bucks for it.

Call forwarding

Call forwarding is not a new feature but it is really helpful. This feature helps users collect the unattended phone calls. All the phone calls that are not attended by a phone user are rerouted to another phone where they are received and responded to accordingly. This feature helps businesses provide a better service to their customers and residential phone users also ensure that none of their important phone calls is missed because they weren’t home at a particular time.

Voicemail notification via email and voicemail management

Voicemail is a blessing in disguise for the phone users. All the phone callers making phone calls to your phone can leave voicemail in a voicemail box which you can receive at a later time. However, to add more promptness to this voicemail response, good VoIP services also offer voicemail notification. Whenever someone leaves a message for you in your voicemail box, you get an immediate alert in your email inbox. This way, you are immediately able to know if there are any messages for you. Voicemail management also allows you to view, delete, listen or make changes to the voicemail box.

Softphone support

Softphone support allows you to install software called softphone and run your VoIP service through that. You need to install that softphone on your computer and use all the different set of features that your VoIP Provider supports. Not all phone services offer this particular feature. The additional benefit is that you can use your VoIP Phone service any where in the world while you are travelling.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device Option)

BYOD or Bring Your Own Device is an option for the existing phone users to keep using their old VoIP service provider’s VoIP phone at a very nominal cost. This feature helps customers avoid the unnecessary cost that they need to make in order to invest into a new VoIP provider for which they have subscribed to. Make sure the old VoIP equipment you are using has the protocol supported by the new phone service provider.

Codec support

Different codecs are out there for the digital analog conversion. Each VoIP service offers different codec supports. An internet phone service which offers support for various codec types should be preferred because if you use your IP phone on different internet connections with varying data transfer speeds, then you will not have to worry about the compatibility.

Anonymous call rejection

One problem that has ever been on the rise is the sales and marketing calls which makes the life of ordinary phone users really difficult. There are many VoIP services that fully comprehend this problem and they provide you with the feature to block all calls from unknown numbers.

Next time you are out for subscribing to an internet phone service; always ensure that you have all those features available which you need to get the full utility of your phone.



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