Land line VS VoIP phone – The ultimate knock out

Ever considered why more and more landline phone users are shifting to the internet phone. Today we are going to compare both these telecommunication technologies to let you know the real reasons which make people switch to internet phone.

Technology behind each phone service

The difference between landline phone and internet phone is not only in their names. The names suggest a lot more than what really comes to mind. Internet phone solely uses internet for transmitting voice. The mechanism behind the use of internet phone is pretty simple. Internet uses the same philosophy of protocols to deal with the voice communication. There is a special protocol called VoIP or voice over internet protocol which converts voice into data and then that data is transferred to the user at the other end of an internet phone. Once the data is delivered, it is again converted back into voice before reaching its final destination. This is the whole process at which the usual internet phone works. On contrary to that, telephone works on a totally different technology. It does not rely on the digital signals; instead it uses analog signaling to make phone calls. All the voice transmissions are done through the use of copper wires. The difference in technology seriously affects the quality of the phone service. Internet phone because of its dependence on a superior technology offers excellent quality voice to its customers. The conversion of voice into data ensures that best quality voice is delivered to the phone users at both the ends. Internet also improves the reliability of internet phone as a service. Reliability counts a lot in phone services as we use them for emergency situations as well. Landline telephone however lacks reliability and its service seriously gets affected by rain or other weather conditions. Besides being a less to be relied upon service, landline phone also struggles to offer that high voice quality which internet phone can offer to its subscribers.

Reliability and quality of voice are just two issues that are affected due to change in the technology. There are numerous other issues which arise due to the difference in technology. For example, landline phone cannot be used outside the premises where you have got its connection. Telephone users therefore have no mobility in terms of the use of their phone. Internet phone on the other hand does not require you to be at one place. Because of the reliance of internet phone on internet, you just need to connect your VoIP phone to an internet connection and start talking. You don’t need to be at a particular location for using your phone service. Just switch your VoIP phone into any internet connection at any place in the world, your phone is ready to use. This is another big way technology has complemented the abilities of the internet phone.

Call plans

Call plans offered by any good internet phone service are way more than what any landline phone service can offer to its customers. Telephone services usually lack in offering a wide range of call plans. Call plans decide about the availability of choices that a phone service is able to offer to its customers. Big VoIP providers divide each bigger customer market into smaller subsets to cater them separately according to their varying phone needs. When we look at the different call plans offered by landline phone providers, we hardly find any variety and they all look the same. Such lack of flexibility is troubling for the landline subscribers as they have to opt from the options available to them no matter these can fulfill their phoning requirements or not.

Level of competition

The spread of the VoIP phone industry is one of the fastest any telecom sector has ever witnessed. With the ever increasing competition in the internet phone service providers, the quality of the service and the phone bill costs keep coming down. When there are so many options available to the customers, they can easily dictate all their terms and pay that price which suits them instead of their service provider. Landline phone services on the other hand still have fewer number of players compared to the VoIP. This low level of competition means higher profits for the landline phone services and more costs for the telephone subscribers to pay.

Future offerings

The future of internet phone is very bright. The first reason is that of its reliance on internet instead of telephone. Internet is already affecting our lives in many different ways and it has changed the way we live our lives. With more research and development, internet phone services are becoming better every other day. As internet has become a necessity in all parts of the world, the future of internet phone is very brilliant. Mobile VoIP is also another important technology with which you would be able to use the VoIP services on your mobile phones.

You don’t need to think any more on this. Internet phone is way ahead in technology and there is no denying of the fact that it is a better phone service to have. You will not only be able to make more number of calls but your cost of making phone calls would also go down by a large amount. Shift to internet phone and get rid of all your vows related to the landline phone.



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