VoIP – The future revolution of the telecommunication industry

VoIP services have slowly become necessity of every modern phone user. Following the different technologies, we can easily say that internet phone has been amongst few of the fast growing and most quickly embraced technologies out there. There can be many logics that are behind this instant success of broadband phone. But, the phone users that are relying on internet phone have their needs fast changing. The only answer to their requirements can only be the mobile VoIP.

Introduction to Mobile VoIP technology

Mobile VoIP technology is not a new innovation. The work on this technology had already been started many years back but it had a lot of issues to get resolved before this technology could really be made available to the public. The original thought was to bring up a phone that would easily eliminate the need to have a cell phone or any other type of phone. The problems at the testing stage of this technology were numerous. Here is a look at some of the most daunting challenges that mobile VoIP faced during its conceptualization stage.

The first issue was that at the time of origination of this technology, the infrastructure to support this technology was nonexistent. You need to have a special type of wireless internet connection which can handle all the incoming or outgoing calls. Wirelessly transferring that data on a smart phone wasn’t that easily possible for the phone users.

The second issue was that during the initial development phase, the cell phones that were available had low computing power. This meant that they weren’t able to handle different tasks carried out simultaneously and they also could not handle faster data transfer speeds.

Thirdly, yet most importantly, the overall development in the wireless internet technology was also very slow. There still needed to be a lot of research done before it could finally be made available for mass consumption.

With the passage of time, as VoIP industry grew, these problems were slowly but surely negated. The wireless internet connection has become a lot much faster. From the 2G wireless internet technology of the second generation, things have moved to 4G or fourth generation wireless internet. Fourth generation technology is the latest in the wireless internet as it can transfer data at speeds of one gigabits per second.

Limitations of other phone services

There are many reasons why mobile VoIP has been introduced. Telephone services are expensive to use. Ask any landline phone user and you will come to know how much expensive it is for the subscriber to make national or international calls. The technology that has been used in landline phone is also dying with each passing day. You cannot have high quality phone calls using your average landline phone. Secondly, landline phone offers an unreliable phone service to their user which is another major problem. Landline phones are also not portable as you cannot use them at places other than where your phone line is. Cell phones might look to be a good alternate to landline phone services, but they have their own set of limitations. First, cell phones are way expensive and making long distance phone calls can upset your entire budget. You won’t be able to enjoy full call freedom as a cell phone subscriber. Another important yet mostly neglected aspect of using cell phones is that you cannot use them everywhere. You can only use your cell phone once it is in the network reach.

Advantages of Mobile VoIP over other services

Now let us have a look at the benefits of having mobile VoIP.

First advantage is that you will be able to utilize this phone service anywhere in the world without worrying about the costs. This is one of the biggest advantages that no other phone service can offer. You just need to be near a fast wireless internet connection for using your phone.

You will be able to enjoy all the VoIP service features that are offered by your VoIP provider on the go. This was never before achievable as you had to stick to your PC in order to get benefitted from your internet phone service. This is not all, you would also be able to take the benefit of all the call plans that a regular VoIP phone user is able to utilize.

Lastly, you will be able to save a lot of money that you used to waste on the expensive phone calls that you made through cell phones and other types of phone services.

Future prospects

The future of mobile VoIP is very bright. The technology required to make it a success is already there. 4G wireless internet connection ensures that all calls are of very high quality and you don’t have any problem using the VoIP phone service. New smart phones have excellent computing and multitasking ability that makes them ideal devices to be used as mobile VoIP phones. And lastly, infrastructure has also been worked on in order to make this service available on a much wider scale. There are a few obstacles still remaining in the way of mobile VoIP like slow growth of the 4G wireless technology and low demand for the technology, but still, this technology has a very promising future because of the added benefits that only it can offer to the phone users.



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