Top 5 Reasons you Must Go for Internet Phone Service

Ever wondered how to get rid of your telephone’s expensive bills every month? Have you been looking for an answer to this question? This article will introduce you to the VoIP and let you know about the benefits that it can offer to you.

Internet phone service is a different service than telephone service. There are many things that differ between the two technologies. The first thing is that internet phone uses internet to transmit voice while telephone on the other is still relying on age old technology of copper wires. Secondly, internet phone uses digital signals to transmit voice while telephone depends on analog signals to send and receive voice.

Let us view the five real reasons why you should opt for internet phone instead.

Real cost savings

The first major problem that telephone users always struggle to overcome is the ever rising phone bills. They always have to pay high phone bills for the calls they make or else reduce their bills by sacrificing the number of calls that they have to make every month. With internet phone you don’t need to do that anymore. Now you can save a lot of money by selecting the right VoIP provider like Axvoice.

Technological advantages

The major change in internet phone that is of technology which has took over the telecommunication industry by storm. Telephone users have always been going through hardships because of the inferior technology used. VoIP users on the other hand enjoy a very smart technology that is extremely dependable as well. VoIP technology improves the voice quality many times over. Now you can enjoy talking on your phone without worrying about the voice quality any more. Besides that, reliability of the service has also increased manifold.

More call plans

Call plans that are offered to the customers are also very important. Internet phone services can easily give you a variety of call plans to depend on. Residential phone users can find plans that are specifically tailored for their needs. Business phone users will also find a large variety of call plans that they can easily choose from. This new phone service has a plan for every customer, no matter how different his or her phoning needs may be. Choice of the right calling plan will directly impact the phone bills. There are different phone services offering different plans to their customers. The trick is to see through each plan to know how it will meet your calling needs.

Better service features

VoIP Service features are much better than those offered by the telephone service providers. Telephone services don’t have much depth in the features that they offer to their customers. Telephone services will also charge you a lot of money for even some additional basic features. On the other hand, internet phone services offer you a complete range of features. Most of the advanced features are included within the calling plans offered. Even if you miss any important feature, you can pay some nominal amount and get that feature too.




  • Olivia Jacob

    The best thing about VoIP is availability of options. Take example of Axvvoice. They are offering nearly a dozen of plans. You can start with them in $0. On the other hand ordinary land line service providers never any choice for their clients. clients have to go with what they are offering.

  • Andrew Grace

    Besides the availability of options, voip providers are using state of the art coding techniques. Signal loss has become to zero level because of these techniques. Now we never face problems like broken voice, noise or sudden call breaks. 

  • Ella Logan

    VoIP providers offer a huge variety of features to their clients. Good thing is that they don’t charge their clients for these value added features. The ordinary land line service providers are charging heavy amounts for these features. 

  • Paul Dexter

    As far as the calling plans are concerned, no other calling solution would be able to match VoIP service. Majority of the VoIP service providers are offering more than five calling plans. However, many of them offer even up to a dozen of plans. User has the luxury of selection according to his own requirements. 

  • Orion Pablo

    This is what VoIP phone service is known for. It fits your budget. Either you are looking for a small business plan or a plan for your home, they have more than one options for each requirement. However, it makes purchasing process quite tricky. Many new to VoIP people consider it quite complicated.