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I am a technology hobbyist and one of my most favorite ways of passing time is reviewing different products and services related to technology. I have been associated with reviewing technology for many years. VoIP phone service is one of my favorite topics as I love this technology, which frees you off all the heavy phone bills and extraordinary problems. This article reviews Axvoice, one of the few VoIP providers out there which do care about their customers.

Installation, configuration, and setup

There are many VoIP services out there, which claim to be simple but when you try to configure them, they are more complicated than an algebraic problem. Axvoice however is way different. When I ordered their VoIP ATA equipment, I got it by mail in just a few days. After opening up the package, I read the user manual and followed the easy to follow guidelines given in it. The process of setting up the phone was pretty easy. All I had to do was connect one port of the VoIP ATA with internet and the other to my phone set. I was able to use my phone as soon as I got the last wire connected. Axvoice is pretty simple to install and configure. I didn’t have to do any of the settings and it was able to automatically detect my internet connection. This can be a problem if your VoIP phone service is unable to comply with your internet connection.

Call quality

Call quality is more important for me in an internet phone service. The first thing that impressed me the most when I first used VoIP service was its call quality. I therefore do not recommend an internet phone service, which is unable to provide excellent call quality. High voice quality in local calls is not something uncommon; however, the real test comes when you are about to make international calls. Axvoice offered excellent international calling experience, even for long duration calls. I didn’t have any problem talking and all went really smooth.

Calling rates

One prime reason why people come to internet phone from landline phone is the saving of money. However, not all VoIP providers are that cost effective in their offerings and there may be problems. Sometimes they under advertise the call rates and later when you receive your phone bill, you come to know so many other hidden charges, which weren’t earlier revealed. Axvoice is not only low cost for making phone calls nationwide but its international calls are also very competitive. I have used Axvoice for several months and have had a lot of phone bill reduction without the need to cut the number of phone calls made.


Service features also play an important role in considering a VoIP service. I have used many internet phone services in the past but have found very few of them offering that much number of features. Axvoice offers more than two dozen high value features, which not only offer great value for money but also facilitate the phone users.

I would definitely go for Axvoice and would recommend you too. It offers low cost international calls, has excellent voice quality and above all offers a lot of service features.



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