How to Setup VoIP Phone?

All the internet phone companies offer lower cost phone solutions than the ordinary landline phone services. One key advantage is that you can either use your existing phone number or even subscribe for a new one. Let us have a look at this step-by-step guide for setting up VoIP phone.

VoIP Phone Setup

Things You Need to Have

  1. First of all comes subscription to a good VoIP provider. You can choose any of the good services out there such as Axvoice. A good home phone service will be beneficial for you in more than one ways.
  2. Then, you need to have the step-by-step instruction manual to install your home phone. The process may be very simple but sometimes it can become really cumbersome because different VoIP providers offer different kind of phone sets and settings.
  3. After that, you need to have an ATA adapter to connect your phone to. However, there can be two conditions. If you have a VoIP phone set, you don’t need a VoIP ATA. In that case your VoIP phone handles all the tasks. However, if you don’t have a VoIP phone set, you have to use your touchtone phone, which will need VoIP ATA to act as an interface between the digital signaling of internet and analog signaling of the ordinary landline phone.
  4. Internet connection plays a crucial role in having a trouble free phone service. It depends a lot on your internet connection speed that what kind of phone experience you will have. If you have a good internet connection that can speedily transfer data, you will have more reliable phone service with better voice quality, else you may be in trouble.

The Process

You will first plug your phone line into the line 1 port. This will connect your standard phone line with that of the VoIP ATA. After that, you will need to connect internet connection through LAN or RJ45 connector. Once both the sides of the ATA are connected, you will have to switch the ATA on to see if it is working fine. You will have to keep the adapter switched on all the time otherwise you won’t be able to remain connected with your phone.

Once you have switched your adapter on, don’t expect it to start working immediately. You will need to wait for a couple of minutes or even sometimes more, because of many different issues. Your ATA might be downloading some firmware or software to start working properly. Therefore never interrupt the process. Shutting down the adapter in the middle of the process or restarting it may altogether jeopardize the whole process.

After completing the process successfully, just pick up your phone and try to listen to the dial tone. If you can clearly listen to the dial tone, you have been able to set the basics right.

Now start dialing different phone numbers to have a test drive of your phone. If you have any issue making phone calls, check the settings. In case of any other problem contact your VoIP provider.



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