VoIP Related Problems and Their Solutions

VoIP is now a very famous technology as many people are using it in place of the landline phone services. VoIP phone uses internet instead of the regular phone line to send and receive phone calls. Many small businesses and budget conscious intelligent individuals are switching to internet phone because of its value added features like call forwarding, caller ID, and voicemail.

Fax problem

Many people think that faxing over VoIP or internet phone is not recommended and their fax will have a poor quality. Well there may be some truth to this information that has been fed in by people who are biased towards landline phone services, but it isn’t such a big issue that cannot be resolved. All you need to do is to set your phone’s setting right. The first step is to keep the baud rate as low as possible. Secondly, you will also need to disable the error correction mode. One last thing that you will need to ensure in order to have fax enabled VoIP phone is to ask your VoIP provider, if you are being provided support for G711 codec, because that is mandatory for using fax.

Incoming Calls Issue

There are times when you will not be able to receive the incoming phone calls. One potential reason could be that your VoIP provider might not have been registered with the IAT. For any such problem, the best solution is to have a voicemail account provided by the VoIP provider. All the incoming phone calls will be directed to that phone number. There is one other useful feature known as well “call forwarding upon the loss of registration”. It will also help you get all your incoming phone calls received. However, in order to avoid any such situation in the first place, you should have a good internet phone service like Axvoice.

Absence of Dial Tone

There can be absence of dial tone when you want to make a phone call. You need to check your phone’s setting to see if there is a problem with that. Sometimes the router may have issues due to the fluctuating internet speed. One way is to restart your internet router, which may help solve the problem immediately. If you still have this problem persisting, you will need to consult your internet service provider to get it sorted out.

Audio Disturbances

There are times when you hear different kinds of audio interruptions during your phone call. These kinds of problems can be really annoying and will seriously disrupt the process of your conversation. There can be two potential reasons for this kind of issue. The first one again is the lower bandwidth and secondly, your phone may be on a too compressed codec setting. For the latter reason, you can adjust it to a codec setting with more bandwidth, in order to avoid this problem.

Buzzing Sound or Noise

This kind of problem exists when there are some kind of electric interferences disturbing your phone. Make sure you have charged your VoIP phone batteries and the phone does not have weak batteries in it.



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