How to install an internet phone?

Many new to internet phone service think that it is a difficult phone system to install and setup. New phone users that have just joined VoIP often don’t know about the process of setting it up, which is a big reason why they are hesitant to adopt this technology. Good phone service providers always provide a user-friendly manual that explains each and every step that you need to easily setup your phone.

A big misconception about the internet phone is that as it uses a different technology, it may be different in use too. The ultimate fact is that internet phone operates differently from that of landline phone as it uses internet instead of copper wires for operation. It uses digital signals to send and receive voice. On the other hand, landline phone uses analog signals for communication. However, when it comes to usage, both phones are used in the same way. You will be using internet instead of copper wires to make and receive phone calls.

Once you are convinced that you will be having a VoIP phone installed for your home or office, you can choose have to select a VoIP service provider (Axvoice or any other) from internet. You will get your phone by mail within a week along with all the accessories & necessary support manual to install. When you get your VoIP equipment, just unwrap it and follow the instructions that have been given in the manual. Usually there aren’t any tools or equipment required to fit your internet phone in your house or office. After connecting your internet phone according to the instructions provided, you will need to dial the activation number that came with the phone to activate the phone service.

Using Your Internet Phone Service On Multiple Phones

Usually the VoIP equipment comes with the one phone connectivity provision, so in order to connect extra phones; you will need to have a cordless expandable phone system to attach more phones with your internet phone service. A key advantage of having a cordless expandable phone system is that you won’t have to deal with the wires and you can save a lot of space wasted for wiring. One other thing that you will need to make this phone system work is a power socket in which you will connect your cordless expandable phone system.

Managing the Service Features

Managing the features offered by the VoIP providers are quite convenient. All you need to do is to log into your account with the username and password provided to you, and enable or disable the features that you need to have.

Emergency Service (E911)

E911 or the emergency services cannot update your address from your VoIP phone because it uses internet. You should always keep in mind that whenever you are using your internet phone on a different address, you must keep your VoIP provider updated about your current address. This way your exact home address will be displayed to the emergency services once you call them in case of any problem.



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