Axvoice Features Refresher

Axvoice takes pride in offering a fully comprehensive service that is filled with all the features that a VoIP subscriber might be interested in. Today, we are going to have a detailed look at all the VoIP service features that Axvoice offers its service subscribers.

Outbound call features

When we are making phone calls, we often need to have additional features to facilitate us.

Caller ID Blocking

This particular feature is used to block the customer phone number as well as CNAM information.

International Call Blocking

International call blocking blocks calls to international destinations. In other words, you can make local calls but not international calls.


There are many types of internet connections with varying bandwidths. Some VoIP providers offer a compatibility to adapt to each type of connection according to the speed of internet. Axvoice is compatible with different codecs so you can use our service even with a slightly slower or faster internet without the need to change the internet connection.

Alternate Caller ID

Using this feature you can make any number appear on your caller ID to the phone user at the other end.

Simultaneous Ring

This feature is particularly useful for those who have phone sets at different locations. Using this feature, you can get an incoming phone call ring on your office phone, home phone, and your Axvoice line as well. This way you won’t be missing any important calls coming to your phone.

7, 10, and 11 digit dialing

This feature helps reduce the extra numbers to dial as you can set longer phone numbers to be dialed by pressing 7, 10 or 11 digits only.

E911 Support

This feature helps you make emergency calls in case of any untoward incidents. Many VoIP providers do not offer this feature in spite of knowing that this feature can save lives.

Music on Hold

You can make the other phone caller calling you; listen to a particular type of music when he or she is holding the phone. Many small businesses also advertise their products through audio by using this particular feature.

Incoming Call features

Many phone users need to manage a big volume of incoming phone calls. These features will help you negate with a busy phone.

Do Not Disturb

You can utilize this facility to block all the incoming calls in a way that your phone won’t ring at all and all the incoming phone calls will be directed towards the voicemail box. You can also choose to filter out those phone numbers from which you wish to receive the phone calls.

Anonymous Call Rejection

This feature helps you get rid of all the calls from unknown numbers. The incoming caller will hear a recorded message that this particular number will not accept call from that phone caller.


This feature helps you block incoming phone calls from specific callers. You can enlist all those numbers from which you are not interested to receive calls. This way you will be easily able to get rid of all the obnoxious or unwanted calls.

Call filter

With the help of this feature you can re-direct phone calls from some particular numbers to any US or Canada phone number. You can include up to 20 phone numbers in that list.

Caller ID

You will be able to know who is calling you.

Call Waiting with Caller ID

This feature allows you to attend or not to attend an incoming phone call while you are already busy on the phone receiving another call.

Conference / 3 Way Call

With conference call you can simultaneously call two people. You can put one phone user on hold while talking to the other one or invite both to have a conference call.

Distinctive Ring

Once you have a lot of incoming calls from many different numbers, you can easily set a different ring tone for each number. This way you will be able to determine by the ring tone who is calling you.

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding allows you to forward incoming calls to any other phone number.

Find Me Follow Me

This feature allows phone users to forward all unattended incoming phone calls to a particular phone numbers.

Call forwarding feature

This feature enables users to forward all incoming calls to specified US and Canadian phone numbers.

Fail Over

If the power is out and you are not able to attend the incoming phone calls, all the calls will be forwarded to a particular phone number.

Advanced Features

Advanced features are offered by very few VoIP providers. Many VoIP service providers charge for these features but Axvoice offers free in most of the call plans.

Call Logs

You can get full detail of all the received, missed, and outgoing calls through this feature.

Enhanced Voicemail

This feature helps you check your voice mail through three different ways including; web, phone or remotely.

Voicemail Notification Via Email

This is an excellent feature to check all the voicemail messages that your phone has received. You can opt for receiving just an email alert or alternatively receive the .wav format of the voicemail audio file as an attachment with the email.

Free In-Networking Call

This is an additional cost saving feature with which you can make phone calls to all Axvoice phone users free of cost.

BYOD Support

BYOD Support welcomes all the VoIP customers coming from other VoIP networks by allowing them to use the IP equipment of their previous internet phone service provider. They just have to pay a little extra cost and don’t need to invest into the equipment of Axvoice.

Soft Phone Support

Axvoice allows the use of soft phone without any additional payments. The soft phone should be for SIP protocol phone service.

Voicemail Management Via Web

You can listen to the voicemail, delete it, or move it using the web. This enhances the control you have over all your voicemails.




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