What are the different kinds of VoIP phone service

VoIP or internet phone is a not a new technology. However, there are different types of VoIP providers that offer their services to the internet phone subscribers. Today we will be having a look at all the different available options to see which one is the best for you. Let us go through all the different VoIP phone service types out there.

Free VoIP services

Free VoIP services fall into two different categories. The first ones are the free VoIP services that are offered by the chatting services of big messengers. This type of phone service needs you to have their software installed on both computers from which you want to communicate with each other. This service has been around for many years now and is commonly used by many people. However, you need to have a computer and the software to use it. The other category of VoIP service, which is offered free of cost is just named as a free VoIP service, but instead it is not difficult to determine that under the surface both of these free VoIP services are the same. These services try to attract the phone subscribers by their free offers but they have many different limitations, which make them less ideal to be used as regular phone services. They may be beneficial for a limited type of use but again they also don’t deliver in terms of the quality that they promised to their subscribers. Another serious drawback is that the free VoIP services usually work in some countries and you won’t be able to use them to make phone calls worldwide.

Dedicated VoIP services

There are different dedicated VoIP services out there. In order to understand what each of these VoIP providers will offer, we will have a look at each, one by one.

Computer based VoIP services

Computer based VoIP providers are confined to the PCs. You need to install their computer software on your PC in order to run their service. You might think how they are different from the free VoIP services or the messenger services. Well the answer to that question is very simple. They allow you to make calls to any place in the world and on any type of phone including cell phones and landline numbers. However, these types of internet phone services are bound by a PC. You cannot use them without your personal computer. Despite being good phone services, they don’t let you use their facility without having a personal computer. That means you will have to keep your PC on all the time, which would also mean that you would have to pay the extra cost of electricity.

Cable VoIP

Cable VoIP is another type of internet phone, which works like the ordinary internet phone service, but in this case you need to buy a complete package in order to utilize this kind of service. Usually big companies try to sell all their products through one big package. There are many disadvantages of this service. The first one is that you will be only provided discount once you are getting a complete package which means that you will have to pay for the extra services that you do not even need to have. Another major disadvantage of these services is that you cannot use them anywhere other than where you have got your VoIP phone connection. This is a serious limitation for a VoIP phone service.

VoIP only services

The last type of phone services that are most common out there are the VoIP only services, which do not offer any other facility accompanying their phone service. These are the type of dedicated VoIP providers, which only confine themselves to their specialization of offering just the phone service. This kind of internet phone is a lot more beneficial to subscribe to than any of the other type of phone services out there.

You don’t need to pay anything extra or buy any additional services or features once you are relying solely on the VoIP only phone services. This not only saves you cost but also frees you from the hassle of extra services that you don’t want to have.

Due to the fact that these services offer a specialized phone service, they are at the best of what they do, unlike the other types of phone services, which try to provide so many different facilities at the same time and lag in offering the best phone service.

The call plans that each of the above service offers are fairly limited in number. Free VoIP services don’t offer any choice in terms of call plans. Even the cable VoIP providers don’t offer such lavishness in terms of call plans choices offered by the VoIP only services.

Lastly but very importantly, the number of service features that are offered by the VoIP only services are a lot more than any other kind of VoIP service offers to its subscribers. Smart phone users always select VoIP only phone services, which not only save them money, offer them more call plans but also offer a lot of features to make their phone service more valuable.



  • Claudia Joyce

    The best quality of voip phone service is that it is flexible. You can use it exactly according to your requirements. So much so that you can get customized solutions from VoIP phone service providers. However, for customized solutions, you need proper analysis of your present and future needs. 

  • Maria Tiffany

    I would recommend voip via computer. This way, you can save your phone set and ATA cost. As voip phone service is internet phone service so it will definitely work better with the computer. However, with computer, you must have a head phone and microphone. 

  • Jay Paul

    No doubt, voip phone is call internet phone service also but this just a superstition that it works better with the computer. The technology of voIP has travelled far beyond that and it works equally well with computer, mobile and an ordinary touch tone phone set. 

  • AliDonte

    You can use VoIP phone on your computer but I would say it works equally well on your ordinary touch tone phone set. Problem with VoIP on computer is that you can’t keep it on for ever. So you can’t use voip on computer at your home. 

  • Alex Joey

    Well the fact is VoIP on computer is not feasible for home use at all. However, it is a perfect solution if you want to use it in your office. As we all know, in every office, computers are on in day times but off on night times. So this solution works better for office. 

  • Allan Drake

    I would say ATA or analogue telephone adapter is the best for home use. It makes your ordinary land line phone compatible with the voip service and once you get connected, it works just like an ordinary phone service. 

  • Leo Stefan

    If you want to use VoIP service at home, I would also recommend ATA. It makes voip service accessible for every member of the family. Meanwhile, you can keep it on 24/7, which is not possible if you use voip on computer. 

  • Alexandra Thomas

    We have to agree VoIP via ATA is the best solution for home use but in office, I would say, you can do without ATA. In day times as we know, all the computers are on so VoIP can be used on computers. Another advantage is nearly every one knows the use of computer in office. 

  • Zalman King

    Yes VoIP service works best at home with ATA. The reason is that makes your ordinary phone compatible with VoIP and that way, it works just like any ordnary touch tone phone set. Computer can never facilitate the all the family member as a phone set.