The VoIP Advantage: Home and Small Businesses

Self-employed people to large organizations, all are switching to broadband internet phone; also known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). The rapid increase in demand makes one wonder as to what is so attractive about this service. As I am a telecommuting small-business-owing freelance writer, I can give you some insight about the service.

In 2005, I stopped dealing in landline telephone services and switched to internet phones. Initially I did face various issues and had to go through various rough patches but there is no going back to landlines for me. There are various advantages to internet phone which I will share with you.

Advantage 1: Operate Small but Look Big

If you want a virtual PBX with a dial-by-name directory help at your work place, it will cost you thousands of dollars to install the equipment on a landline, however a Business VoIP service provider can provide the same for less than a hundred dollars per month.

A VoIP can facilitate each member of your team by giving them a separate outside line for $10/month.

You can now get more than one 1-800 numbers for around $10/month

Advantage 2: Freedom

Business VoIP service allows me to roam freely around the globe. Last summer when I was in Chicago, I extended my trip from one week to one month. VoIP allowed me to operate my business from Chicago as if I was home. So wherever I go, I can take my office along with me without the long distance call charges.

Growing internet connectivity all around the world allows you to make your second office anywhere in the world. Now you can plan your vacations or live anywhere in the world without giving a second though and without worrying about your work. VoIP expands the horizons of freedom for you.

With Business VoIP, you do not have to worry about taking a sick leave from office; you can work from home using Business VoIP service. With VoIP, you are never too far from your work place.

VoIP services emails all the voicemail that you receive on your line in an MP3 format. Internet phone allows you to check your voicemail directly from your email account without paying a dime to the telephone company.

Advantage 3: Cost Effective

Majority of the VoIP services today provide unlimited local plus to any 2 or more countries of your choice (depending on the package) for a flat rate. The cost of a basic plan varies between $20 and $80 a month depending on your plan.

Landline telephone providers charge a hefty amount for any value added service such as caller ID, call forwarding or even conferencing. Comparatively these services are cheap with VoIP, however most of these services are built-in and are provided free of charge by many VoIP service providers today.

Tips to avoid Hiccups:


Due to the advancement in VoIP technology it is very unlikely that a user experiences poor voice quality, however it is highly recommended that you opt for services that have 30-day money back guarantee. You might have an internet connection that provides low bandwidth, so it is better that you check whether you can use the service on your internet or not before committing with the VoIP provider.

Tip 2:

VoIP software; i.e. soft phone, allows you to use your computer or laptop as a phone by using the attached speakers and microphone. However the sound might be distorted due to the environment you are operating in. It is very unlikely that you will face these problems in high-end laptops or PC systems.

Tip 3:

It is imperative that you choose an established company instead of a new entrant. Only a few companies with roots long before 2000 have been able to survive in the industry and have been able to provide quality services. So until and unless you do not want to lose your number/service, you should choose the right service provider.

Tip 4:

Once you have decided upon the service provider after considering the above mentioned tips, only then put your VoIP number on your business card. In case you are not satisfied with your VoIP service, switching service providers creates as much as pain as if you were switching between landlines. There is no number portability option, so if you decide to change your service, you cannot use the same number, hence changing your contact information with all your clients can be a tedious job.

Even if you decide to change your service providers, or should I say if you manage to change your service providers, no matter what, I am sure that you will not go back to using your landline.



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