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You must have heard about VoIP, i.e. Voice over Internet Protocol which is also known as Internet Telephony and broadband phone. There are different forms of VoIP devices and various methods through which VoIP service can be availed.

  • The formal method of using Business VoIP is to attach Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) with your landline phone set and use your device with VoIP service. This method is a less expensive one because you don’t really have to pay for any sort of equipment except ATA. Even ATA does not cost much; either it is provided free of cost by the vendor or is so inexpensive that the savings you would make on your communication cost (after switching to VoIP) in the first month would easily compensate the price of ATA.
  • The second method is to make use of computer to make calls through VoIP service. Users can easily download software from internet, free of cost, and by attaching required hardware with computer like Microphone and speakers, they can avail all the benefits of VoIP. A communication enabled computer and fast internet connections can actually do wonders. In the era of landline monopoly, people would never have imagined that they would be ever able to call for free, around the world. But this is made possible with VoIP, now VoIP users can make unlimited PC-PC calls around the globe without actually paying anything.
  • Then there is another method of using VoIP, which it through Mobile Phones. VoIP software can be installed in the cellular device and can be operated to make calls to VoIP numbers and non-VoIP numbers. They can carry their device and operate it like a usual Mobile device without actually connecting any wires.

Most of you must be aware of Business VoIP for quite a while. It is not a new thing for everyone, because it was introduced long ago. But the reason for its popularity presently is that initially it had some drawbacks, due to which Business VoIP service could not compete in the market. So it stayed un-noticed until the brilliant and dedicated researchers revolutionized this technology and removed most of the objections. Presently VoIP service is mature enough to challenge the well known Landline Phone service, not only this but VoIP have all the abilities to ruin PSTN monopoly forever and drive this out of market. The rapid progress and demand of this service clearly demonstrates its success and many people can visualize communication methods being dominated by Voice over Internet Protocol in the near future.

Voice communication is not the only thing you avail from Internet telephone, rather the services, features and benefits extends way more than this.

Video call is a very fascinating feature offered by VoIP. Now don’t just listen to the recipient, rather see them also. With Business VoIP you can have live video conference. This feature is very popular with businesses as well as individuals. With this feature, individuals are no more away from their friends, family and beloveds; they can always talk and watch them at an affordable price. Whereas it is very helpful for businesses, with it they cut their travelling and accommodation costs by organizing meetings online. So with it, there is no need to pay for expensive executive planes, accommodation in seven star hotels and most of all the opportunity cost of the time spend in travelling and stay.

This is just one aspect of VoIP, if you are interested in knowing about other benefits, either contact your area VoIP service provider or check on net.



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