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Communication in an organization can be of two kinds internal and external. Whether it is internal communication; i.e. communication between different departments, or whether it is external communication; i.e. communicating with prospect and existing clients or other external stakeholders of an organization, it is imperative to have a highly efficient and cost effective communication network within an organization. Communication is an integral part of an organization. Millions of dollars are spent every year to enhance and improve the communication network around the world; this has led to the invention of numerous cost effective and efficient means of communication. Voice over Internet Protocol is a prime example.

VoIP is simply establishing communication amongst people over a high speed internet broadband connection as compared to communicating with one and other through conventional telephone lines. In order to experience the optimum quality, service and to operate cost effectively, it is imperative that you have high speed internet connectivity. One should bear in mind that the voice/service quality is directly related to the quality/speed of the internet connection. All you need is to have the appropriate internet connection, a laptop, VoIP hardware such as telephone adapters for directly connecting telephone handsets or VoIP software to make calls over VoIP.

Following are some of the benefits that a business might have if they use VoIP services;

Cost Cutting: Cost can be cut depending on who your VoIP service provider is and the VoIP products that you use. For instance there are many Business VoIP service providers in the U.S that allow the user to make free unlimited calls within the U.S, hence cutting down on local communication costs. By switching to Business VoIP service, it is possible to cut down telephone costs by 40% to 60%.

Value Added Features: Various traditional phone line operators charge an extra amount for value added features like caller ID or call waiting. On the other hand these features are available by default on VoIP service, hence giving VoIP service a competitive edge over traditional phones.

Adaption: Business VoIP service can be tailor made to suit varying business needs of an organization. Given the appropriate bandwidth, you can add more lines by incurring a comparatively low cost as compared to an installation of an additional landline telephone connection.

Simplicity: Though usage of VoIP services involves high tech systems but surprisingly, VoIP services are very easy to use; i.e. they are user friendly.  Let us now consider the different ways through which an organization can benefit from Business VoIP service:

  • For instance, an organization that uses five lines can benefit from VoIP systems. On each line that the organization uses, it has to pay basic line rents plus an amount depending on the usage. On the other hand, numerous VoIP lines can be installed using one internet connection hence saving installation costs and monthly line rents.
  • Organizations that need to communicate with their clients worldwide can do so  via VoIP at cheaper rates. For example if a company in U.S frequently calls its customers in Malaysia, the company in U.S can purchase a Malaysian VoIP service, allowing them to make calls at local (Malaysian) rates and allowing customers to in Malaysia to communicate with company in U.S at cheaper call rates.

VoIP services can prove to be very beneficial for organizations that provide customer support services, allowing the organization to contact their customers within U.S or outside U.S by not incurring high cost. VoIP systems aid any organization that aims to cut down on telephone bills.



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