VoIP – A Revolution in Telecommunications

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is also known as Internet Phone and Broadband Phone. The reason it being called as Internet Phone and Broadband Phone is that it makes use of a fast internet connection (Broadband) to communicate voice among people on call. Unlike traditional phone service, it does not make use of copper wires to transmit data. The working of this service is entirely dependent upon Internet speed, so an efficient internet would result in good quality calls.

How this technology, Voice over Internet Protocol, works? The working of this service is a bit different from that of classic phone.  Digital information packets are routed over internet among callers, these packets consists of analog signals converted into digital signals as the data packets reach the receiver end, they are unpacked so the communication continues. So in order to accelerate this process of data conversion and reconversion, Internet connection must complement it. Dial-up connection can be used for VoIP but the service would be so slow that voice will break in conversation and calls will drop very often. This is the basic reason for late popularity of VoIP, although it was introduced long ago. It is now that broadband internet is available, but before its availability, VoIP was unable to satisfy masses. Thanks to fast growing technology, which transformed this product and made it available to everyone?  There is no fix standard as to how much internet speed is required, but higher the speed the better will be call quality. Generally, it is believed that 90 kbps Internet speed is good enough to make proper quality calls, where as 60kbps and 30kbps speed is also used by those where internet provider is unable to maintain higher speed.

There are several benefits offered by VoIP Service due to which it is attracting loads of individuals and businesses. With VoIP, you are free from per minute charges or so because with it you are charged for Megabytes (MB). Apart from providing everything offered by classic phone like call waiting, call forwarding, call blocking, conference calling, call divert etc it also provides some additional features. With VoIP, you have the option to receive call at more than one device at a time, with this service you are always available to respond. Now you do not need to have different connections in order to operate fax and telephone at a time, with VoIP you can operate both simultaneously.

With the benefits mentioned above, few precautions are mandatory, without which you may not feel fully satisfied with Broadband Phone. The first and foremost requirement, which is repeated several times, is a fast internet connection like DSL, Cable internet or satellite internet. The next important requirement is the power backup; if there were no electricity, you would not be able to use Broadband Phone unlike landline service, which also works in the absence of electricity. A part from all these a user must go through customer reviews about a particular Broadband service provider in order to know the sort of service that vendor is providing and whether people are satisfied with his after sales service and calling plan.

Enjoy calling with VoIP.



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