VoIP Is For Everyone

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), also known as Internet Phone or Broadband Phone. It is known as Internet Phone because the working of VoIP is directly dependent upon Internet. It is a perfect substitute of landline phone service. VoIP makes use of internet to communicate data among parties on call unlike the traditional wired phone.

The calls, especially long distance, are very cheap if compared with the prices charged by conventional phone system. Broadband internet, which is available with majority, is the basic requirement of VoIP; you can make on net and off-net calls around the globe without worrying much about the charges.

The cost of calls with VoIP is low due to its internet technology and for consumers this cost further reduces if they already have Broadband internet, because they are already paying for internet and to have VoIP working they need not to incur the additional cost on it. Furthermore the cost of switching to VoIP is not considerable because the required hardware and software does not cost much rather it is not even more than the savings you make in the first month with VoIP. The most attractive feature of VoIP phone service is its free unlimited on-net calls around the globe whereas off-net local and international calls are charged.

If VoIP users want to contact at some PSTN number, a user can perform that task in two ways. It can be done either through direct inward Dialing (DID) or with the help of “access numbers”.

Both, VoIP and PSTN users can interact with direct inward dialing (DID) by simply connecting with each other. There is not any difficulty about it.

Whereas if access numbers method is used, then landline users dial an access number to get in contact with Internet Phone user, every possessor of VoIP is assigned a specific number, by dialing which VoIP users can talk free with VoIP users where as PSTN callers are charged local call for dialing a VoIP access number.

Since the advent of VoIP, million have switched to it from landline phone. They either use it as their primary source of communication or keep it as a secondary. Mostly people make it their main line of communication and incase if they experience any problem in it, they have the back up landline phone service to carry on with their operations until the after sales service team of VoIP service provider’s removes the fault. VoIP is not something for home users only, rather its benefits spread out to small and large businesses equally. In this competitive environment, firms can cut their costs considerably by utilizing the superb features offered by VoIP Phone service. These days companies are not competing locally or nationally rather things have grown global. Therefore, the best will survive. Considering this situation every penny saved by companies help them a lot to maintain their profit and increase their share in the market by offering low price compared to their competitors.

So what are you waiting for? No matter you are a business owner, corporation manager or an individual, just go for VoIP and avail the benefits.



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