VoIP Service Vs. Freeware Systems – What is More Secure?

Voip phone service providers are day-by-day bringing in bigger and better amenities to offer their customers. A convenient, flexible, and cost-effective facility is a lot better than any other telecommunication services. Voip, in particular, is gaining popularity in the corporate world.

If you want to use Voip, the best, in fact the authentic and safest way is by means of a secure internet phone service provider, rather than relying on cheap freeware Voip systems easily available online, which can’t give guarantee for their authenticity? At least, we can always question an voip service provider in troubleshooting and other help.

So, speaking in technical terms the perfect way to save your system from external attacks, bugs and malware is your operating system’s firewall. A firewall is a software, which either comes along within operating systems such as Windows and also in some hardware devices. This firewall creates a shield that filters the incoming and outgoing information via the internet connection into your private network or your PC’s and restricts insecure information headed towards your system. Thus, it protects your system from hackers, worms and viruses. Now take a look at Voip. Since Voip is a digital device, which converts analogue messages and your voice data into digital packets, therefore, a firewall installed in your computer perhaps might not be enough to offer a full-fledge security. Fortunately, VoIP providers have a much strong and non-penetrating firewalls installed in the systems, which give a turbo protection to complete network and also to all the systems connected to that main network. This is one of the main difference between open source/freeware systems and a complete Voip system provided by a Voip service provider. So, it proves that you should get a Voip service from a Voip service provider, instead of relying on other insecure means.

Secondly, another important security aspect which one should pay serious attention to is a ‘password’. Passwords are a significant part of Internet, whether email address, sign up with forums etc. similarly, a Voip needs a secure password for safe operations. Password or Authentication code is the safest way to guarantee that you are authorized to access the service and any other person, who wants to do so, will not be allowed to pass through without an authenticated password. This facility is being provided by a few handful of VoIP providers nevertheless it is an essential need. So when signing up with a service, always look for a Voip service provider offering a secure facility.

Thirdly, check if your Voip service provider provides an encrypted service. If the service is unencrypted, then any third party or hacker or fisher can access your service and give you trouble. Voip encryption facility protects your data by converting it into an incoherent form, which is further decrypted when it reaches the receiving end to ensure that all your VoIP calls – whether you call or receive – are fully protected. Always ask your Voip service provider about this facility before you sign up.

Voip networks are susceptible to external dangers and malicious attacks. Hackers move around to breach the weakest links in Voip gateways and take control of the entire system. Currently, private branch exchanges or PBX have been substituted by IP PBXs. Since Voip phone system has very significant data of great importance, so it has been seen that voip is prone to outside attacks. So, make sure your voip system is perfectly protected and secured.



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