Calling 911 From Your Voip Service Is Now Possible!

New legislation gives all VoIP subscribers access to standard 911 services.

Since the day legislation for providing 911 services has been passed, we have seen a greater number of people shifting to Voip phone services. It’s like everyone was just waiting for that very bill to be pronounced so they could officially endorse Voip and VoIP service providers. The bill, H.R. 3403 for the NEW and Emerging Technologies 911 Improvement Act was passed in 2008, and since then we see more and more voip activity going on.

Although, calling 911 was never a problem for PSTN phone or in other words your traditional landline. They supported 911 dialing and routed calls to the nearest located emergency and help center to send right away. Previously Voip phone services did have support for 911 dialing, but they had a slightly different call routing mechanism. When you dialed 911 from your Voip phone, it was first routed to your nearest voip service provider’s customer care center, where the representatives in turn transferred the calls to the emergency services center located nearest to your neighborhood.

This bill eliminated this call routing mechanism and in turn has facilitated the people using Voip phones to dial 911 service centers with the same calling benefit, which the people using traditional telephony system have.

When people dial 911 in case of an emergency, the only thing that comes in mind is to get help and therefore all they expect is that the call is put through immediately. Therefore, with this bill passed equal treatment is given to all phone calls made to 911 for emergency. This means, that Voip subscribers do not have to wait for their calls to be routed by their service providers, when they can simply get connected with the emergency help line themselves.

Voip E911 calling service connects you directly to emergency service calls centers. Along with this legislation, some serious provisions have been provided to particularly benefit the disabled and elderly people within the society to afford the same level of access as everyone else.  This way people with disabilities wouldn’t have to compromise their safety while using new technologies such as car-based 911 services, video or text services.

After The New and Emerging Technologies 911 Improvement Act of 2008 was passed, it opened doors for the current 911 dialing system in Voip and has further strengthened the system.

Internet phones have given us the convenience of enjoying basic communication facilities and serving as excellent means of keeping us connected with friends, family and even business clients.

Distance always mattered but with voip phone services, you can communicate with even the person farthest away from you with amazing voip plans for every destination in the world.

Affordable rates, economical voip plans, and outstanding features including of course E911 service, Voip phone service indeed is the best replacement of expensive traditional landline phone systems.

Let’s all become a part of the voip community and enter the digital world of communication.




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