The Over-powering Features of VoIP Phones

Voip phones are rapidly taking over the world of communication, defeating its precursor – the traditional POTS phone. Internet phones have become popular among people owing to its affordability and extraordinary quality of service. Once people only knew of Skype as an economical or zero-costing phoning service to call family, friends and stay connected with business associates, via their PCs. However today, we have Voip, which offers an ultimate calling experience in every corner of the world. Voip calls are routed through high-speed internet. You can easily make Voip calls from your computer, Wi-Fi phones, or even from your mobiles using mobile voip service. Seeing the prospect of growth in this industry, many people have started giving out Voip services, making the competition tougher between the providers to beat each other in offering the best voip services, useful features and excellent calling plans.

With the current competitive scenario In the Voip market, it becomes slightly difficult for customers to choose from the wide range of service providing companies. To start from, you better look at the voip features being offered by your chosen providers. Here are the top 25 VoIP calling features that you should make sure are included in your VoIP calling plan:

1. Make sure that your Voip provider gives you an adjustable bandwidth saver service, in which you can adjust the quality of calls for saving bandwidth. This Voip feature works best if you are traveling since it saves your mobile’s battery.

2. To use Voip phone for business purposes, auto-attendant serves as a convenient tool for receiving incoming calls. In case you are unable to attend a call, your auto-attendant won’t miss it for you and organize for all your incoming calls that you receive.

3. Voip features also include basic calling features without being charged extra for any of the feature you use.

4. Voip facilitates for call blocking as well. You can either choose Individual call blocking from a particular or automatic telemarketer for blocking unwanted sales calls. Since Voip phishing is on the rise, therefore this voip feature filters out any spam calls or messages.

5. If you are receiving too many phone calls and you can’t attend all of them, then simply activate the call diverting option and take them as you receive them. Voip features can be of great help at all times.

6. Want to retrieve your call log records? Among other voip features, you have the facility to get complete records of your call logs, which tells you time, duration of calls, date and other details for your incoming and outgoing calls. So, choose a Voip phone system that accommodates for this feature.

7. If you are busy on one line or are available elsewhere, you can always transfer calls to other number of phones at any time during the call. This Voip feature helps you switch to other phones at your convenience.

8. Voip features also include caller ID option. This feature is similar to that in your regular phone or mobile phones and lets you know who is calling you.

9. Voip phones exclusively offer you virtual number facility in which you can choose a number belonging to some other area or a number with other area code. This can be a city or even some other country and is a very helpful feature for both residential and business usage.

10. Interestingly, Voip phone systems let you enjoy the feature of computer calling through social networking sites. This is called Click-to-Call Widgets. Simply, add these widgets to your profiles on different networking portals and people can automatically reach you without revealing your private number.

11. Audio/Video Conference calling is again considered as one of the best Voip features. You can easily make voice or video calls to friends and family or discuss some crucial business agendas through virtual meetings with a client physically located somewhere else.

12. Voip phone systems offer calling plans in which you are allowed to either reveal your number in phone directories or keep them private. This service is called directory-blocking service.

13. If you want to take a break from your usual on-the-phone routine, then simply activate Do Not Disturb option. This in turn directly sends all your VoIP calls straight to voice mailbox, which then you can retrieve later, anytime.

14. If you want to be able to send or receive faxes using Voip or use Foip service then, guess what, it’s nothing unusual for Voip.  Simply connect your Fax machine or software modem to your Voip Adapter, configure settings and start faxing right then.

15. Voip services also include a feature called “Follow Me” or “Find Me”, that lets you seamlessly switch phone calls between your home, office and mobile using just one Voip phone number. This way you can forward your calls onto other phones where you can be reached easily.

16. VoIP service providers often provide you with the facility to make and receive calls from people using the same service for absolutely free.

17. Voip features also include data Integration with Outlook. This way you can save your contacts in your Outlook address book on your computer and access them whenever you need to make calls.

18. Voip call alerts option is made for your convenience so every time you get a call, you are sent with a simple alert of a call being forwarded to your mobile phone.

19. Voip uses power to function, therefore, unfortunately, if you have a power outage your Voip phone will not function either. However, you can save your important calls by simply migrating them to other numbers. This way your calls will still come through even if the system goes down.

20. With Voip, you can easily personalize your calls and messages by assigning separate ring tones to every contact.

21. When choosing a VoIP phone system, make sure that the service provider has the voicemail facility offered. Voip voicemails are easily transferred to your email inbox so that you can easily retrieve them and even forward it to friends, family or business clients, if needed.

22. Voip Voice Mail Transcription is indeed the best among all the Voip features being offered. With voice mail transcription, your voice mail messages are easily transcribed into textual format, which in turn is emailed to you so you can easily read them using your mobile Internet or send in form of an SMS message.

23. Voip offers voicemail with personalized messages, in case you are unable to attend calls or you are busy in a meeting. With this feature, you can easily personalize your machine greeting the same way as it is offered in your mobile phones.

When deciding on which service provider to choose from, always study their Voip features before making your final pick.



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