Conquering Voip Drawbacks for the Betterment of Voip QoS

Nevertheless, there is no denying of the fact that Voip offers the best telephony services to have ever offered to mankind. Besides a lot of advantages, there are a few drawbacks as well. These are:

  • A poor service owing to a bad internet connection.
  • Poor voice quality if service is taken from a third party or unauthenticated vendor.
  • Power outages cause Voip to go down as well.
  • Access to 911 is suspended when Voip goes down.
  • Insufficient bandwidth due to a number of users connected to your network.

Although, due to constant improvements being brought about in the service, there are ways to counter the voip problems to enjoy a seamless voip and internet service.

How to improve Voip QoS:

Here is how you can perk up your Voip service to give the best voip-ing solutions, without any hiccups and interruptions.

  • To be able to enjoy the best of Voip, you need to use a high-speed broadband internet connection. Voip phone services can only function giving outstanding services if a high-speed internet is used. There are companies who offer dial up connections compatible to work with Voip. Nevertheless, the audio quality isn’t very good. Voip doesn’t give excellent functionality with dial up internet connection. Even I would use a DSL cable connection, there are times when the connection goes down, resulting in termination of your voip service. Therefore, it is best to use an Ethernet connection to use for seamless Voiping.
  • When data is sent across your Voip, it is immediately compressed for your convenience. The reason for this data compression is that in case the data is large, it will easily be sent across if it is reduced in size. Otherwise, it will take time in delivering. This data compression takes place with the help of software called codec. However, it depends on the quality of the codec you use. Poor quality codec will result in poor quality of audio or video data sent.
  • The quality of hardware you use for Voip also determines the quality of service of your voip phone. By hardware, I’m referring to ATA/Router you use for your Voip. ATA (Analog Telephone Adaptor) connects your phones to your Ethernet adaptor so that you can start making calls.

Generally, ATAs have in-built security and firewall support and also help in circumventing echo and control data compression. It has been observed that when Voip equipment is placed in each other’s vicinity, interference takes place, which affects the functionality of Voip, causing a disturbing noise and even dropped calls at times. In order to avoid this, keep your ATA away from your internet router, otherwise the audio quality of your Voip calls will be reduced.

By and large, VoIP’s greatness is no diminished since it still offers the best calling experience in terms of cost.  This is why it has rapidly taken over the telecom market and has been unanimously accepted as a hundred times better service than traditional POTS.



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