VoIP and its Voicemail Features

Voip phones are the growing rage in today’s telecommunication market. For business or residential purposes, everyone is adopting Voip phones because of the economical factor and brilliant quality of service.

One of the reasons for this shift from ordinary landlines to this latest innovation is the voip features. The biggest difference between voip features and landline phone features is the cost factor. In voip you are not charged extra for any feature you avail, which is the opposite case in your traditional phones. Normally, Voip service providers use various different types of Voip protocols to their customers to give them an excellent calling service. Among the many useful features internet phones provide, Voicemail is one which holds a slightly more attention. Voicemail service is provided with every calling plan offered by the service providers. What makes this a special feature is the way Voip consumers can conveniently access their voicemail inbox to retrieve any saved messages.

To check voice mail, voip consumers can access it in four different ways to do it, which are as follows:

  • First one is the easiest and perhaps most common type of access provided in almost all phones – even mobile phones. To check your voice mail, simply dial a combination number provided by your Voip phone provider, let’s say *456. The automatic assistant will tell you how many voicemails you have received and further guide you to retrieve them and how to delete/save heard voicemails.
  • The second way to access voice mail is via means of a local voicemail access number, from where you can easily dial to any local phone number from any telephone whether from your mobile, regular phone or using a voip phone. After dialing, an auto assistant will request you to enter your VoIP phone number and password. This will lead you to access your voicemail inbox.
  • The third way for retrieving voicemails is through your online VoIP account maintained at your service provider’s administering website. Visit your voip provider’s site and enter your username and password. Once you are in, you can choose from the wide options of services and click on the one, which says Voicemail. This way, you can retrieve your voicemails via internet.
  • The fourth and the last voicemail accessing method is an email alert you receive whenever there is a new voicemail message. This is the most convenient method of all, since you can easily access it through your email and save it on your computer’s desktop to access anytime you want. These voicemails are sent in .wav a file format, which is a common format and can easily be opened from any computer. This way, you can even email voicemails to your family and friends or even your business clients and office colleagues.

Precisely speaking, all depends on the kind of service you choose for yourself, voip service to be specific. This is because, every service provider has different access method to voicemail inbox.



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