Bringing In To Light Some Features Of Axvoice

I came to know that a few of the guys have a wrong assumption that Axvoice is providing internet phone service for business purposes only, however, if you visit the service plan section of Axvoice, you would find that we are open to all types of residential as well as business users. We have three different plans for residential users. These are the following:-

Residential USA/Canada
Residential International
Residential International Plus

Obviously, most of the guys select the voip service package according their needs, however, a few of our new residential users are confused by the terms like “alternate caller ID number, anonymous call rejection etc.”

Let us have a look at a few of those features.

Caller ID Blocking:- This feature is designed to block the phone number which are unidentifiable.

Call Return:- That means you will be able to call the last received call.

Call Forwarding:- This feature enables the system to redirect your calls to some other phone number in USA or Canada.

Speed Dial:- This system will allow you to make short keys for your numbers for example if you have to dial a number like 555-555-6666 again and again, you can make a hot key. You can replace the short number let us say 123 instead of the long 555-555-6666.

Do Not Disturb:- All the incoming calls will be redirected to voicemail without any ringing.

Anonymous Call Rejection:- This is an easy to understand (that does not mean it is easy to make also) feature. You can use it if you need to avoid the call of some particular number.

I know these are very few of the features that our voip service is providing however I would finish it today as I don’t want to take too much of your time. I will be back with some other feature details. Just keep on visiting the site and enjoy our features.



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