Residential Voip – The Blessings and the Bliss

The world is changing – it’s a period of great revolution, where everything is digitalizing. Communication industry is also bringing forth latest digital technologies to provide us better resources of carrying out day-to-day communication with family, friends and business associates. Voip phone system is the latest sensation in the world of communication, which has befitted […]

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Voip – What Attracts People to Using It

Voice over Internet Protocol or VOIP is what everyone is talking about! Voip service has succeeded over all the past telecom technologies – the telephone companies and the mobile companies – and is moving progressively towards increasing its Voip users family with an increase in its network coverage. Voip, along with its free value added […]

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Number Portability-Can I use my existing phone number with Internet Phone ???

Number portability is the best feature Voip could possibly offer. It is the ability which enables using your existing phone number and transferring it from one phone service provider to another. Number portability is the latest exciting feature being offered which helps anyone who wants to switch to another phone service, whether wired or wireless […]

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An Overview of IP Telephony Technology and IP Television Technology

What is IP Telephony? IP Telephony, or in other words called Internet Telephony, is the means of communications that involves digital phone systems based on a number of Internet standards. It is a process of making a phone system digital in a way to take advantage of the Internet and any hardware or applications attached […]

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How to Select a VoIP Service Provider

Finally, convinced to get a VoIP service for yourself and see what it is that they say about “…enjoy making easy-on-the-pocket phone calls”? Voip Technology has transfigured communication mechanism and the way we live on it. VoIP is now the number 1 phone system, for meeting needs of both residential and business purposes and millions […]

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Secure voip — Lethal Threats for internet phone service and Axvoice

Security – speaking in terms of every context – is vitally indispensable, however, it becomes imperative even more than ever in the case when you’re replacing the world’s oldest, biggest and most resilient communications network available – the POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) or traditional landline phone system. Although, no individual security measure can safeguard […]

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Wireless voip phone >> Choice of the day

It’s the wireless age, ladies and gentlemen! All the technologies are going wireless, not to mention voip phone systems too. ‘Wireless VoIP’ – as they call it – is on the verge of becoming the hottest innovative technologies in the VoIP market nowadays. But, what is all the buzz and attention about? Regardless of what […]

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Business voip >> Start your Own internet phone Business

Communication is what we dwell on and with internet at hand, our life has become even more dependent on it. For rapid communication across nation to nation, country to country in an efficient manner using a cheaper resource and internet at hand, thus, researchers and developers invented VoIP (Voice over IP) communication protocol for our […]

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Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and FAX

Most people know that FAX, mainly meant for analog service networks, cannot be sent perfectly over VoIP networks. It’s because, during FAX communication, the signal is used in a manner that is different from voice communication. Since the technology of a VoIP phone system involved, first the digitization and then compression of analog voice in […]

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Protocols used in voip phone communication

If talked about there are many protocols used for the voip phone communication but just two of them are the most common and used frequently. They are termed as H.323 and the (SIP) that means the Session Initiation Protocol. 1) H.323 The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has specified H.323 as a protocol set that can […]

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