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It’s the wireless age, ladies and gentlemen! All the technologies are going wireless, not to mention voip phone systems too. ‘Wireless VoIP’ – as they call it – is on the verge of becoming the hottest innovative technologies in the VoIP market nowadays. But, what is all the buzz and attention about?

Regardless of what type of business you have and whether it is a small or medium business or a large enterprise, Wireless Voip solution can take your business to strides. Many organizations today use IP networks with wireless technology, which makes it possible to use VoIP applications over Wi-Fi, quite conveniently.

With the dawn of WiMAX for Wi-Fi communications, wireless phone companies are now offering hybrid phones that use VoIP over Wi-Fi, when a Wi-Fi network is available and switch to cellular when one is not. Therefore, VoIP over wireless encompasses different things, depending on the context.

Wireless VoIP works on Wi-Fi networks and can be handily used in place of cell phones in many cases. Public 802.11 hotspots are often free or otherwise, available at an affordable cost. In case, you use the Wi-Fi network for using internet and accessing your e-mails. You wouldn’t be charged extra to make VoIP calls, except for the cost of your VoIP service, which again isn’t much at all, compared to the cost of a regular cell phone service charges. Additionally, you can also make free unlimited calls to international numbers, something which otherwise are not offered by your cellular service provider.

In wireless VoIP, a caller’s voice is converted into tiny data packets that stream out from the phone’s antenna onto Wi-Fi radio waves, which then feed into a small stationary antenna connected to the company data network. From there, those data bits reverse their steps and travel to another wireless VoIP receiver or funnel out onto the stationary VoIP desk-phone network. So, in spite of where a user is, anyone in the same premises can reach the user simply by dialing the user’s wireless VoIP phone extension. Another area where wireless phones have advantage over the cellular phones is that cellular phones might not necessarily work inside a large office, manufacturing buildings, construction sites, basement offices, but, in most cases wireless VoIP phones do.

Wireless Voip phone or Wi-Fi VoIP, enables you to make calls inexpensively via internet to any place in the world without having to go through a phone company.
Voip is a modern mode of communication and telephony. Though, not too long ago, Wi-Fi VoIP providers including Vonage and Skype have launched Wi-Fi VoIP Phones that are modern, compact and wireless – everything one can ask for. These phones are also sometimes used as the usual landline phones, except they use VoIP.
Since, Wi-Fi VoIP Phones use wireless internet connection, they do not require a computer to operate. The WI-FI VoIP Phones have been made to look sleek and introduced to the phone market with a hope of enticing buyers to opt for not only the sleek Wi-Fi VoIP Phones but use Wi-Fi VoIP services as well, that are far cheaper than the traditional phone services.
Another major difference between a traditional phone and a WI-FI VoIP phone is that the sound quality of the WI-FI VoIP phones have been found to be excellent, on contrary to the former, but, it depends on the quality of service being offered by it and your internet connection.



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