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Communication is what we dwell on and with internet at hand, our life has become even more dependent on it. For rapid communication across nation to nation, country to country in an efficient manner using a cheaper resource and internet at hand, thus, researchers and developers invented VoIP (Voice over IP) communication protocol for our convenience. VoIP technology is changing the telephony usage habits all over the world, which means now regular voice calls are sent over a wide area network rather than the now less popular traditional phone lines.

With VoIP technologies growing fast, the possibilities of further growth are endless. Interestingly, people are now shifting to voip phones, which provide a better and cheaper phone service as compared to your traditional phone. So, if you are planning on setting up your own internet phone business, this is the high time for it!

Starting your own voip phone business means opportunity to make a fortune. You can start off your own brand name, giving away high quality & effective products. Being one of the fastest growing business sectors nowadays, people are shifting to buying voip service owing to its convenient and flexible nature. Nevertheless, starting your own voip business can be a bit expensive as a beginner, in that case, you can avail the affiliate and reseller programs being offered by a number of voip companies for starters.

In an affiliate program, the VoIP Company offering the opportunity receives a commission for links and sales. While you – as a VoIP affiliate – will make commission with users signing up.

As a Voip reseller, you are expected to redistribute the airtime of a voip phone company. The Voip Company handles most of the business and technical areas. In this resale business, you can start your own brand, while setting up a service which suits you. Despite the fact that in an affiliate program you can only earn a fixed commission, yet for a successful VoIP business, you should have a good technical know-how of Voip phone system’s functions, computer knowledge, users’ perspective, Voip business market and also, a bit of market research will help a great deal.

To start out with, the first thing you need to do is to determine which Voip phone company or companies you should be affiliating with and which company is offering the best reseller programs for branded Voice Over IP products, the cost to get started, the product and services, earning on each sale, and the support substance you will receive to assist you with business marketing and promotion.

To decide on what products you will want to sell, choose from the affiliate programs that have a full range of products you can sell including personal phone number, text and voice mail, faxing, PC-to-Phone long distance calling, calling card services and more. Building a website to support your Voip business is infact a good idea. Through your website you can offer the best products from several different companies and plus, you can mention about your own personal experience if you use a branded voice over IP yourself and give tips and tricks to using Voip phone system.

Now comes the question of how much you can earn. Commissions normally range from minimum 5% and maximum 60%, depending on the product.

Starting a Voice Over IP business has a lot of growth potential from business and financial point of view. As internet telephony is popularizing day after day with everyone adopting this cheap phone service, your business can grow tenfold within a short duration.



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