Number Portability-Can I use my existing phone number with Internet Phone ???

Number portability is the best feature Voip could possibly offer. It is the ability which enables using your existing phone number and transferring it from one phone service provider to another. Number portability is the latest exciting feature being offered which helps anyone who wants to switch to another phone service, whether wired or wireless service, whatsoever, without having to change your present number.

VoIP Internet Phone Service or Voip is offering this number portability service to its customers who wish to avail this facility.  VoIP Number Portability provides VoIP users with a facility to receive calls that have dialed their local number on any phone in the world. You can port your number from POTS to voip service or from Voip service to POTS:

In case you want to switch a number to a location your service provider does not cover, you might have to pay extra charges for it, as some voip providers do charge for number portability.

If you are interested in changing your carrier then contact your new service provider, who in return will forward your request to the old service provider. During this porting process, the customers’ information and identification process is carried out and if you have provided accurate information, then the process will undergo without any hurdles and number portability will be completed smoothly. So, bear in mind that if you want to keep your existing number then all your personal records should be exactly similar with both companies.

For instance, your name and address submitted to the company as the owner of the account should match with both companies. A phone number is always registered in a person’s or company’s name and address.

Although, the time required for porting process varies from carrier to carrier, yet no particular hurdles are experienced if the information is accurate. However, customers do experience some problems while number porting, such as Hidden charges, longer time duration to port your number, and poor and delayed service to customers because of which they have to forward their requests multiple times before it gets heard and facilitated.

One has to agree, number portability is a very positive step forward for both VoIP service providers and the consumers. With this feature, users can stick by their old numbers and would not have to worry about updating the whole list of family and friends; instead keep their familiar numbers which are known and shared amongst friends and business colleagues alike, while enjoying the benefits of calling at economical rates and having other fascinating features at an unbelievably low price.

VoIP number portability is a bit tricky, especially for those who are unaware of the ABC of transferring numbers from service providers. However, Axvoice Voip service provide excellent number portability service like none other – no extra charges, no waiting for days to have your request heard and always willing to help the customers 24/7. No more headaches, no more waiting because we at Axvoice take an extra step to give our customers the comfort they need.



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