iNum country code – an innovation in internet phone service

iNum – an abbreviation for international Number – is the latest innovation in the world of Voice Over Internet Protocol or voip. iNum infact is a global phone number which has the benefit to be used anywhere, regardless of what your location is in the world. iNum is making use of the +883 global country […]

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Introduction of USB VOIP Phones. Why USB VOIP service could not succeed?

What are USB Voip phones? USB VoIP phones are devices – among other voip phone options – which facilitate making cheap calls or almost free calls but in a more conventional desk-based manner. USB phones have all the facilities in a Voip phone: cheap calls, voice mail facilities, caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding and […]

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The Voip Break out

Voip is on the rise. We all can see it. Business have acknowledged it and fairly adopted it as well. Owing to its cost effectiveness and quality of service, Voip phone is being adopted more rapidly than any other service in the history of modern internet technologies. Voip service can serve multiple purposes, something the […]

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Comparison between Voip phone and Cable phone

By now, we all know how Voice over Internet Protocol service or a voip phone works. Voip isn’t just facing a competition with a traditional phone, but cable telephone systems, too, make quite a matter of discussion for some. A VoIP phone cannot be compared to a cable phone. Infact, cable telephones don’t have much […]

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General problems Faced by a voip User

Voip may be the best technology in place of PSTN with its amazing features and cheap phone offers worldwide, yet there are always two sides of a story. Voip users maybe on the rise, yet there is no denying that there are some general problems being based by ‘internet phone’ or Voip phone users. In […]

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Voip has become the most popular medium of communication in US and Canada

Landline services have taken back-seat because Voip is all over the place! Making calls via internet phone using Voip technology is a growing fad, especially in US and Canada, where the latest and greatest technologies hit first and build commotion which spreads like waves to the rest of the world. Voip is serving everyone’s needs […]

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Communication Modes and the most popular technologies

Communication was never made this easier. Who knew the journey from symbols and writings on the wall, will one day lead us to a time when ‘computers’ would talk. Yes, with the greatest and hi-tech technology we have today, we can easily communicate with people sitting miles across simply via using the broadband internet and […]

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Most of the businesses are using asterisk. Is there any substitute for it?

Asterisk is an unsurpassed fully-integrated open source VOIP PBX solution which safely overpowers other open source PBX systems worldwide. Under constant growth and popularity, Asterisk has now become the most popular VOIP PBX around the world owing to its free, open source licensing, extensibility, and outstanding features. Asterisk phone systems are excellent for businesses of […]

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Future of Residential as well as Business Voip

The panorama on the future of residential and business voip, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is growing overwhelmingly day after day. Surely, VoIP is in a continuous evolution process, with an ongoing improvement being undertaken to enhance its quality and features to make the voip service more beneficial to businesses (whether big or small), call […]

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Past and future of phone sets

Years and years of research and innovation have led humans to bring in a race of different amazing inventions to making life easier. Day by day it gets better for us whether it’s bringing in latest mobile technology or launching a latest TV in the market. Past few decades have seen great advancement in the […]

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