General problems Faced by a voip User

Voip may be the best technology in place of PSTN with its amazing features and cheap phone offers worldwide, yet there are always two sides of a story. Voip users maybe on the rise, yet there is no denying that there are some general problems being based by ‘internet phone’ or Voip phone users.

In some cases, voip phone users are facing problems in Voice quality, Bandwidth dependency, Power dependency, Emergency calls and in terms of security. Normally, Quality of Service (QoS) in VoIP phones is equivalent and sometimes better than the level of ‘voice quality’ being offered by the service to make phone calls, without delays, interruptions, sounds, noise or even echo. Voice quality most of the times depends on your broadband connection, your requisite hardware, your Voip phone service provider, and lastly, your call destination. However, if you have a arranged for a quality voip service provider, such problems either don’t come at all or are recovered on the spot but remember, selection a poor service provider may turn in to a nightmare.

Your internet phone works best with a broadband connection. If your internet connection is sluggish, that means your voip phone will slow down alongside. It’s simple: No internet means, no Voip phone. In case of poor broadband quality, using voip service can get pretty annoying, ultimately discouraging you and making you hate the service, instead. Here again the moral is that you must select a good broadband service.

Your voip service needs a modem, router, ATA or other VoIP hardware whatever it is, to be connected to the electric power supply to make it function. This means, your Voip service works on electricity. In case of power outage, your Voip phone is of no use so try to arrange for an uninterruptible power supplier.

Unlike Axvoice, many voip service providers offer emergency 911 calls. So you should confirm from your voip service vendor if he provides emergency number or not.

The biggest issue in an Internet Phone service is of security, which is the same for other Internet technologies. However, here the difference is that large companies are more exposed to viruses and hackers as compared to the small companies. Identity and service theft, viruses and malware, denial of service, spamming, call-tampering issues and phishing attacks are among the many problems that make Voip service slightly on the rough side.

Like all human inventions voip also has some prerequisites but its benefits are beyond the vision of an ordinary man. Imagine having television with hundreds of channels, internet, telephone etc. all in one line. You will get rid of the bunch of cables that you are dealing right now.

My point is that you can’t leave the modern technology just because of the new prerequisites brought with it. You can’t disconnect the electricity connection from your house just because once you got shock while you touched an old broken switch with your wet hands. Obviously, you understand problem is not electricity itself but the old switch and your wet hands. Same is the case with voip technology. There are just a few and believe me these are only few not more than two or three prerequisites that need to be fulfilled to enjoy the most sophisticated technology available right now in the market



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