Comparison between Voip phone and Cable phone

By now, we all know how Voice over Internet Protocol service or a voip phone works. Voip isn’t just facing a competition with a traditional phone, but cable telephone systems, too, make quite a matter of discussion for some.

A VoIP phone cannot be compared to a cable phone. Infact, cable telephones don’t have much success story than Voip phones, owing to many reasons.

Cable companies might be offering many services, including cable TV and cable Internet, apart from cable telephony, but how can one ignore that this comes in a price thrice as much as what you pay to a pure play Voip service provider.

Undoubtedly, cable firms have the ability to integrate several services into one transmission signal which then allows the cable company to offer many new services without significant investment in new cable systems. Yet, as said earlier, customers rather want something which is cheap and doesn’t empty their pockets by the end of the month due to hefty bills.

Also Voip phone is more convenient in terms of your travelling needs. You can travel anywhere and carry your voip phone along and stay connected with family and business associates.

Voip offers free incoming and outgoing calls in form of affordable residential and business plans, ever heard a cable phone bestowing you with such generous offerings?

What’s even better is the virtual number Voip phone service lets you enjoy. For a low price, you can acquire your own personal phone number in almost any area code you deem necessary. This way, your friends and family can easily call on your number, without worrying much for their own bills.

Plus, Voip has a whole set of exuberant features including voicemail, caller ID, call Waiting, 3-Way conferencing, call Forward, repeat dialing, call Block, unlimited calling (local and LD) and much more. Your Cable phone is never giving out so much exciting features without horrifying you by extra charges.



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