Introduction of USB VOIP Phones. Why USB VOIP service could not succeed?

What are USB Voip phones? USB VoIP phones are devices – among other voip phone options – which facilitate making cheap calls or almost free calls but in a more conventional desk-based manner. USB phones have all the facilities in a Voip phone: cheap calls, voice mail facilities, caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding and many more.

To use USB Voip phones, simply plug the USB device into the computer and consequently, it will automatically install the software required for its functionality.

Previously, a simple headset/microphone was used to make internet phone calls. But, today USB phones have given in another option to use.

USB Voip phones – for the sake of conversation – seem to be excellent devices to use. But, their benefits are not as much as their disadvantages.

Once the computer is turned off, you are unable to use your USB device and make calls. This proves that a PC or Laptop is mandatory to make Voip calls using a USB Voip phone.

Voip service providers such as Skype, Vonage, and Magic Jack USB Voip phones exist in the market but, their sale and functionality isn’t as strong and dependable as other traditional Voip services. Even a mobile Voip service is a way lot better than using USB Voip phones.

They require a PC to operate for a residential additional line, but as for running a business, USB Voip phones are definitely not the best choice. Another reason why USB voip phones didn’t make much of a success story is its lack of business purposes usage, which makes it restricted to use only for casual phone calls, but no business phone calls.

On the other hand, other Voip phones are connected to your phone lines via ATA which is connected directly to your internet connection and thus, PC as a mandatory device for functionality isn’t necessary.

USB Voip phones can work best for casual communication purposes; however, do not work better for business communications. If you do not choose a reliable phone service for business purposes, it can reflect poorly on your company.



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