Past and future of phone sets

Years and years of research and innovation have led humans to bring in a race of different amazing inventions to making life easier. Day by day it gets better for us whether it’s bringing in latest mobile technology or launching a latest TV in the market.

Past few decades have seen great advancement in the area of telecommunications. Ever since the day telephone got invented, experts have been looking for newer improvements and innovations in the extraordinary device.

Not long after the telephone was invented, everyone went head-over-heels to acquire this technology, both for personal and commercial usage. The growing need for communications made it a vital necessity for landline service to be available at every place you name it. A landline, main line or fixed-line is a telephone line which transmits data across via metal wire or optical fibre. For decades, this service benefitted all in numerous ways, yet there were restrictions of being unable to communicate that conveniently, especially while travelling. There was a need for mobility and there, around the corner awaited another unexpected invention which served that purposes – cellular service.

With the advent of cell phones, people once again felt a stupendous relief. Businesses excelled; communications grew even stronger. Nevertheless, today, phones are beginning to find a completely new meaning and existence. The new trend twists towards IP telephony, which functions via the internet. This means IP telephony no longer serves the purpose of merely making voice calls, instead, it lets you do multi-tasking – send emails, fax, voicemails, pictures, make voice calls to as many people at a time and much more. This means both sharing text and video information via the telephone in a price twice less than your landline service and mobile cellular service.

This is the age of believably carrying out multiple tasks at a time and with internet telephone technology progressively taking over the wheels as a vital mode of personal and business communication – not to mention much safer and rapid – it is soon to replace the phone service we have had past. The future seems even brighter ahead.



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