Most of the businesses are using asterisk. Is there any substitute for it?

Asterisk is an unsurpassed fully-integrated open source VOIP PBX solution which safely overpowers other open source PBX systems worldwide. Under constant growth and popularity, Asterisk has now become the most popular VOIP PBX around the world owing to its free, open source licensing, extensibility, and outstanding features.

Asterisk phone systems are excellent for businesses of all sizes. The set-up cuts down the tremendous cost which otherwise is required for setting up a traditional PBX system. This is one of the biggest reasons which often eliminates the possibility of using asterisk pbx for small businesses. Owing to Asterisk, even any business – whether big or small – has access to all the benefits of PBX, which is why its popularity is on day-to-day escalation.

Interestingly, majority of businesses and organizations worldwide have successfully adopted this technology and everyday make over 10 million calls in a much cheaper price than expected from other traditional services. Asterisks – easily being the world’s leading source of telephony application – are easy-to-use and configure.

It offers plentiful flexibilities in the world of proprietary communications. It empowers developers together with integrators to create an elaborate and advanced communication solution. Asterisks usually come as an open source licensed under the GNU general public license (GPL). It’s accessible – without any cost – and anyone can download and use it. An asterisk is the only popular most open source software available and undoubtedly, the leading voip influencer and simple irreplaceable.

Asterisk phone systems have seized the dependability which businesses once had on phone companies to guarantee a smooth and consistent communication. Business suffered greatly when the phone lines got damaged, thus, always relying on the mercy of the phone company to have them fixed, wasn’t very pleasing and satisfying either, since phone line repairs could take days or even weeks to recover. But, with Asterisk at hand, those worries are long gone and one can easily expect their business to flourish twice the rate it did before.

Although there is a substitute for Asterisk – Cisco – but it is twice as expensive in price and cost as Asterisk. So, why even think for a better alternative when Asterisk is fulfilling all your business needs, without making you frown?



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