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VoIP Technology Goes Mainstream, Conventional Phones Fear Tough Competition

VoIP service providers are not mere competitors to classic phone services. More importantly, it is an improved technology, which offers substitute to conventional phone. Initially it was not considered a mainstream success, but as the awareness grew, everyone is looking towards VoIP as potential leader in communication technologies. VoIP makes use of broadband internet for […]

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It is Time You Switch from Traditional Phone System to VoIP Service

VoIP Service is taking over residential and business communications quite rapidly. Telecommunication industry sees the evolution of VoIP as one of the biggest leap towards perpetual success. Traditional phone systems and PBX systems have become a reminder of the bygone age. Today’s digital era speaks of nothing but digital innovations and latest inventions all designed […]

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VoIP Service Is an Ultimate Choice for Residential or Business Communications

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is rapidly changing the way people make phone calls. People today have already begun to bid farewell to their ordinary PSTNs and brought VoIP into their homes and offices. Since, VoIP services being affordable and very convenient, it has rapidly replaced the previous analogue system with a digital service […]

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VoIP – A Revolution in Telecommunications

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is also known as Internet Phone and Broadband Phone. The reason it being called as Internet Phone and Broadband Phone is that it makes use of a fast internet connection (Broadband) to communicate voice among people on call. Unlike traditional phone service, it does not make use of copper wires […]

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The Values of Business VoIP

We have been becoming a witness of this fact that shows a number of corporate houses and enterprises of every type are turning towards the use of business VoIP because they have understood the importance of this technology. But the style of measuring the worth of the VoIP phone is different for all. A Few […]

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Port Your Number to VoIP Phone Service

Most of the time when people switch over to VoIP service, they prefer to keep their existing number. This is called number porting and supports number portability. This means, that you can simply switch over to service from your traditional phone service without any difficulties. This way, it saves you from the effort of informing […]

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VoIP Phone Services and the Outpouring Number of Users

Internet phone services have given us a new telephone technology for life – something better than the predecessor traditional type. VoIP or Voice Over Internet Telephony is picking up momentum in gaining a popularity status. For those, who take it as luxury telephony hold a wrong perception about it? VoIP phone service is a cost […]

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VoIP Service and Toll Free Numbers Dialing Facility

VoIP phone services are rapidly taking over our communication needs both residential and business. Why? Because, calling costs for VoIP are so less that even a foreign exchange student, living away from home can afford to pay for his very own VoIP service. PSTN phone bills can be killing, talk about hidden charges, taxes, this […]

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Security Measures While Using VoIP

Due to the growing popularity of VoIP, the security surrounding the system is also becoming a great concern for the companies thinking about switching over to VoIP system. VoIP service is Internet based due to which it vulnerable to any attacks on security is associated with this method of communication. Hackers may infiltrate the system, […]

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Increasing Demand of VoIP in Canada

When we say VoIP is on the rise, we literally mean that! Voice over internet protocol or VoIP phone services offer an amazing telephony service, which functions by transmitting voice data and other information via high-speed broadband internet, instead of following the traditional phone services’ cable transmission system. Presently, VoIP is seen as the best […]

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