VoIP Phone Services and the Outpouring Number of Users

Internet phone services have given us a new telephone technology for life – something better than the predecessor traditional type. VoIP or Voice Over Internet Telephony is picking up momentum in gaining a popularity status. For those, who take it as luxury telephony hold a wrong perception about it? VoIP phone service is a cost effective telephony solution that lets you make calls to any place in the world and stay connected with your loved ones at a very low cost. Internet phone services have rapidly become the need of every society owing to a strong and viable substitute to expensive traditional phone services. Since, VoIP phones use internet to route calls. Owing to the recent VoIP technology improvements and added VoIP features, it has provoked more and more people to switch services from traditional phone services to VoIP phone. This has led to origination of a new method of telephony. Voip growth 2010

In the beginning days, VoIP telephony was not thought to be one of the best telephony services technologically nor was considered reliable. One could not predict then that internet phone services will one day replace the traditional phone services. However, today times have changed; it has rather become a necessity now. VoIP telephony has vastly improved for the best, with over a million VoIP users and an outpouring number signing up every day.

At the outset, voice and call quality was an issue in internet phone services. People often complained of crackled sounds, echoes, stalling and latency issues, while conversations took place between different people separated by distance, irrespective of how much it was. This normally occurs due to a poor service quality of your internet connection or even the VoIP service provider. But, as mentioned before, these were the early days. However, today VoIP technology has improved hugely and better quality of service is offered to the users.

One of the primary reasons that have led to attracting users to internet phone services and leaving behind their long used traditional phone services is the cost factor. VoIP calls cost three times less than your traditional phone services, whether for your long distance calls or your international calls. Imagine paying for your monthly calls as low as $25-$30, than a $80-$110 of your traditional phone bills. Now calculate and see how much you can save per year on phone bills using VoIP phones instead? Shocked?! But, it’s a fact!

There are many potential VoIP service providers available in the market, offering extraordinary services and excellent VoIP features including:

· Free local and long distance VoIP calls or otherwise minimal call charges for making calls.

· Number porting facility

· Features such as caller ID, call forwarding, 3-way calling, call return, call transfer, voicemail, and more at $0.

You can benefit with VoIP’s residential services for your individual home calling needs. In case you run a small or medium sized business, even SOHO for that matter, you can use business VoIP service to cater to your business calling needs and save on your monthly and yearly communication needs.

VoIP is for you, VoIP is for me, VoIP is for all!



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