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Most of the time when people switch over to VoIP service, they prefer to keep their existing number. This is called number porting and supports number portability. This means, that you can simply switch over to service from your traditional phone service without any difficulties. This way, it saves you from the effort of informing each and every one of your friends, family and business associates of their new number – imagine informing a huge list of people to update their phone book list with your new contact number. Although this normally, takes a little while, probably 3-7 weeks for a service provider to port the number from old traditional service to new service, nevertheless it is worth waiting for.

VoIP phone service

The process takes time primarily because there are many people involved in having their number ported. Many service providing companies lease the phone numbers from bigger telephone phone companies so that they can gathered your information – verified information, for begin the porting number process to their service. When they place the port request and gather information from their leasing company, the leasing company in turn, further request to turn the number ported to the existing phone company. After that, to get the porting of the number confirmation, similar steps are taken. These companies further work on the porting request, but at a time there are hundreds of other requests waiting in to be ported. That is the very reason the process takes time.

While, your service provider works on the portability of service, in the mean time, you will be accommodated with a temporary number till you get your number ported. Although, it is advisable that till the time your number is ported, you should sustain using your local telephone service. Also, when you sign up with your service provider, do mention accurate ‘Porting’ details. Be very careful while writing your name, address, and phone number that you need to port to service. The information filled should be the exactly similar to the data provided to your local phone company. Otherwise, the entire process will be effected, so make your that you provide valid information.

Number portability is a feature provided by most of the service providers. This facility helps you save the pain of informing everyone of your new number and doesn’t otherwise effect your business relations as well. This particularly is helpful for businesses and companies, because informing each and every client of new contact information can be time consuming.

Enjoy using phone services and be facilitated with a cost effective facility for life. Whether your residential or business needs, VoIP phone service caters to all your communication needs and grants you with countless financial benefits.



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