Internet Phone – Steps for Successful Installation

Innovations in telecommunications have brought us VoIP service. Through Voice over Internet Protocol, the audio/video communication can be conveniently done through IP networks. It implies that you can call any phone through your VoIP-enabled phone and/or computer.

Replacing your typical phone lines with Internet Phone service is certainly commendable. This does not only ease the financial pressure of your phone bills, but also offer several other benefits. Your VoIP phone allows you to connect easily with anyone at a remote destination. The charges for long-distance calls are considerably lower as compared to regular service plans. Also, many (otherwise) value-added services are provided by VoIP systems for free.

Subscribing to an appropriate Internet Phone service provider is not difficult at all. You do not have to incur high costs for some sophisticated equipment to set up VoIP phones. Mostly, the service provider company offers you with required gadgets and software. Just follow these simple steps, and you are good to go in no time at all! There are always technicians sent by the respective VoIP service providers to install related hardware or software. Still, you should know the basics in case you ever need them:

1. You should have a high-speed internet connection for the optimal quality of Internet Phone services. It does not matter whether you are using Wi-Fi or Plug-In cable for your computer.

2. You are required to purchase a suitable router for establishing a connection. This gadget allows you to network other computers at workplace/home too. Just plug in your modem with the router, and your Ethernet cable also is connected with the LAN outlet on the router. The other end of latter wire goes into the computer. Repeat these steps in case you have to connect more than one computer with VoIP service.

3. After the above steps have taken place, you configure the router with appropriate settings. These setting instructions would be offered by your Internet Phone service provider.

4. Now, it’s time to connect the wireless phone system to work as Internet Phone. You must connect the phone jack with a yellow slot available on the back of the router.

5. When you have successfully established these connections, you are required to test if the service is working. Turn on the computer, modem, wireless Internet Phone and other associated devices. If you hear a regular tone when you hold the receiver, it means that your connection is operative. However, if you don’t receive any beeping sound or you may face any other issues, the personnel from your VoIP service company would surely troubleshoot for you.

6. You can put additional receivers anywhere else in your workplace or home. Now you have everything installed successfully and you are able to communicate with anyone, any time you wish to.

Routers play integral role in assisting VoIP communication. These do not intercept the signals for internet or any other traffic that might be present online. Hence, there are no disruptions or slowdowns for your internet speed. You can use fax, e-mail, video conference, audio calls, and several other options at one platform: Internet Phone.



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