VoIP Service and Toll Free Numbers Dialing Facility

VoIP phone services are rapidly taking over our communication needs both residential and business. Why? Because, calling costs for VoIP are so less that even a foreign exchange student, living away from home can afford to pay for his very own VoIP service. PSTN phone bills can be killing, talk about hidden charges, taxes, this charge, that charge…it’s agitating to even think of paying for a service that dumps you with so many charges and taxes when you don’t even use the phone much? That is why I switched to VoIP because I find much ease in VoIP phone services. Amazing callings plans and did I mention the free VoIP features that just come along with your phone system?

Apart from making and receiving calls, VoIP features such as voicemail, email, call recording, video calling and fax over VoIP etc can also benefit your business in a productive way. Whereas basic features such as call waiting, caller ID, three way calling, call blocking etc are also available but unlike your traditional phone companies who charge you for using them (a hefty $20 for one service), VoIP phone doesn’t charge you a penny extra for any value added feature.

get_toll_free_numberAmong these many VoIP features, toll free number facility is another very useful feature offered by VoIP service providers. A toll-free number is a number where you can dial for free. Today, many businesses offer toll-free numbers. Among VoIP features, toll free numbers are also provided by some VoIP service providers. In case you have a toll free number, you can be reached at that number anytime at $0. When signing up with your VoIP service, do ask them for a toll-free number facility. With a toll free number, your customers will be able to reach you anytime and this boots your business productivity and sales.

Being the owner of your VoIP toll free number, you would only have to pay a small fee every month, which is approx. $5 in the US and you can enjoy a certain number of free minutes’ calls. When the limit is exceeded, the calls are charged an additional around five cents each.

Not just a business owner, you can also avail VoIP toll free facility with your residential VoIP service. This is mostly more fruitful for families who have kids studying away from home and family. If you get a toll-free number, they can make calls to you at zero charges, which save them from spending on talking to you. Sometimes, in times of emergency and in case you they do not have money, your kids can call you from anywhere.

Toll-Free numbers are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Normally, you can get toll free numbers from “Responsible Organizations” or other toll-free service providers including VoIP service providers. They have access to the SMS/800 database, with all necessary information regarding the status of toll-free numbers.

Today, there are four different Toll-Free codes available – 800, 888, 877, and 866.

With VoIP phone service and toll free number facility, you can enjoy combined benefits, give boost to your company’s productivity, and strengthen your relationships with your customers and clients.



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