Security Measures While Using VoIP

Due to the growing popularity of VoIP, the security surrounding the system is also becoming a great concern for the companies thinking about switching over to VoIP system.

secure-voip VoIP service is Internet based due to which it vulnerable to any attacks on security is associated with this method of communication. Hackers may infiltrate the system, listen to phone calls and even steal confidential data. Similarly, spammers shall have a hey day while targeting a system with DoS (denial-of-service) attacks. In order to save one self from such troubles, companies need to have a detailed understanding of the security issues surrounding this relatively new technology and plan protection before making VoIP a part of their system.

VoIP security needs to be treated as any other traditional IP data networks as it is vulnerable to the same security risks. Some of these security issues have already been mentioned above.

A multi-layered meticulous security should be adopted by such organization. Layers of firewall, intrusion prevention as well as other layers of security and high measures should be placed as a part of the network’s security zones.

Although, a completely secure IP network is literally impossible to gain, layers of security can be paved to protect telephones, conversations, computers and servers. Furthermore, specific personnel for authentication (encryption), control access such as passwords and firewalls and encrypting data sent for privacy can also ensure security of a network. Employee call software should be established to keep a check on the calls of employees in order to create internal accountability.

Many companies ignore internal traffic flowing over a VoIP system, which is a loose hole in the security. It is also important to take care of this situation as well. A growing number of workers use VoIP to communicate with the company staff from wireless or soft phones and this can create an internal security problem.

It’s a rational step to take safety measures and to write VoIP traffic in code, which is moving internally over a corporate network to prevent attacks from the inside.

Beware of this loophole in security

The use of desktop-based soft phone to make and receive VoIP-based phone calls can create an opening in the firewall, which can be broken down by the immoral or corrupt employees. The way to deal with this problem is to control the access to the network.

In addition to this, it is to make sure that all the calls that are received or made are directed through VoIP traffic that flows through a firewall, which is routed through a gateway server, these limits or exclude a direct connection to the Internet and all the security issues that are involved.

Many corporate users do not use VoIP, as they feel that it is insecure, it is same as saying that it is not safe to use a computer for Internet or Internet for computer.

Securing or protecting VoIP phone systems are like securing any other IP network. Just as we like to protect our PC by including virus software, firewalls etc, in a similar manner VoIP system needs to be protected. VoIP can be secured, on a condition that accurate and up to the mark, steps are taken.

Security is not a server or provider’s issue but its main concern is with the network. Companies can achieve peace of mind by merging their security procedure in position to create their own VoIP system just as they do in IP networks



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