Facts about VoIP Service

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP Service is given us a lifetime convenience for our communication needs, not to mention the huge savings we can now make, which otherwise was impossible to do with traditional PSTN service. VoIP service lets you make voice and video conversations over high-speed internet. With your VoIP phone service, you can stay connected with your friends and families. Whether you need to make local, long distance or international calls, simply sign up with this absolutely economical phoning service and start making calls right then, at a cost which is not going to make you feel frustrated or depressed. In fact, you will be amazed to know that VoIP service is so cheap that even a college-going student can afford the expenses of making international calls back home to their families and friends.

Among the many reasons of VoIP’s popularity, the best one remains that you can stay in touch with your family and friends living far away from you at a very low cost and chat for hours and hours. It’s time to put your traditional phones away and start using VoIP. Now you can even carry VoIP in your pocket because VoIP service is also available in mobile phones. Simply connect with a wifi internet service and start making VoIP calls right away. The reason VoIP is becoming everyone’s favorite is just more than about cost; it’s about the many advantages it gives to its users, something traditional phones had us deprived of or charged huge sum for. When you speak of VoIP, the first few things that hits the mind are cost effective, portable, and the provision of excellent value-added features like call forwarding, voicemail, call waiting and video conferencing etc.

Cost Effective VoIP:

VoIP service is being adopted for primary communication purposes in many business organizations, offices, big and small firms. Why? Because, it is the best replacement for the rather expensive traditional phone system that charges a lot for making long distance and international calls. Apart from that, you can stay connected with your customers, suppliers and clients at all times of the day, whenever the need be. Call your friends, chat with your families, discuss what’s going on in your life, share cooking recipes or even joyous moments such as celebrations – with VoIP’s video and audio call conferencing facility, you can do all this without being physically present there. No more feelings so deprivation when VoIP is there for the rescue! All you will need is a reliable broadband internet connection, dial either free PC-to-PC calls or PC to phone calls, and keep talking for hours. The calls you make are all charged with a fixed monthly sum.

Sign up with a VoIP service provider and request for a VoIP calling package that suits your calling needs.

In case you are a business owner, you are also facilitated with a VoIP PBX system and a fax over IP system on request.


VoIP is a portable calling solution. That means, you can carry your VoIP anywhere with you where you go, you can easily access your VoIP account anywhere in the world. Simply connect to a high-speed internet and on to your account and use the service either on your laptop or on VoIP phone. You can also use analogue terminal adapter (ATA) to connect a regular phone with the internet and use it as your VoIP service.

Although, normally VoIP service providers offer the equipment including an internet phone set or adaptor used to connect to internet. Internet phones are light, small and easy to carry compared to the other regular phones, making them easy to carry along wherever you travel.

Additional Features:

VoIP service offers many additional features, which though you have to pay for in your traditional phone services, but in VoIP, you do not! These features include call waiting, caller ID, call blocking, voice mail, 3-way calling, call forwarding, virtual number, number portability and many other amazing features such as video conferencing, fax service, voice or video call recording at no extra cost. Send voice data, files and even pictures using the internet even when you are conversing with the other person.



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