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Factors That Affect Voice Quality in VoIP Calls

VoIP has been in existence since the 80’s but never really got the place it deserved until in the current times. Previously, VoIP’s quality and reliability were questioned for and these two areas failed to prove VoIP as the best communication tool than the traditional phone services. However, today, VoIP has crossed those barriers and […]

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Are Your Voip Calls Encrypted?

It is the new age – the age of digital devices – the age of digital voip phones or broadband phones, which function using the broadband internet as indicated by the name. With internet telephony, you can connect with anyone, anywhere no matter how far off personals you want to converse with. It’s a small […]

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Calling 911 From Your Voip Service Is Now Possible!

New legislation gives all VoIP subscribers access to standard 911 services. Since the day legislation for providing 911 services has been passed, we have seen a greater number of people shifting to Voip phone services. It’s like everyone was just waiting for that very bill to be pronounced so they could officially endorse Voip and […]

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Residential Voip – The Blessings and the Bliss

The world is changing – it’s a period of great revolution, where everything is digitalizing. Communication industry is also bringing forth latest digital technologies to provide us better resources of carrying out day-to-day communication with family, friends and business associates. Voip phone system is the latest sensation in the world of communication, which has befitted […]

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The Voip Break out

Voip is on the rise. We all can see it. Business have acknowledged it and fairly adopted it as well. Owing to its cost effectiveness and quality of service, Voip phone is being adopted more rapidly than any other service in the history of modern internet technologies. Voip service can serve multiple purposes, something the […]

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Comparison between Voip phone and Cable phone

By now, we all know how Voice over Internet Protocol service or a voip phone works. Voip isn’t just facing a competition with a traditional phone, but cable telephone systems, too, make quite a matter of discussion for some. A VoIP phone cannot be compared to a cable phone. Infact, cable telephones don’t have much […]

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What is the Difference between Landline and Voip Phone Service

Voip Technology may have come in existence a few decades ago; however, quite recently this technology has gained a tremendous momentum in its use and significance both on business and individual usage basis. This amazing facility aids in carrying out voice communication over the internet. A high-speed broadband internet connection is all one requires for […]

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Install Axvoice Internet Phone Service At Your Office And Control Your Phone Costs

You want to make cheap Internet phone calls with VoIP, but sick of always using your computer and headphones, or even your favorite messenger to make phone calls via internet? Try Axvoice internet phone service, which requires absolutely nothing from you, but a high speed internet connection to run the show. Axvoice offers turnkey solutions […]

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