Are Your Voip Calls Encrypted?

It is the new age – the age of digital devices – the age of digital voip phones or broadband phones, which function using the broadband internet as indicated by the name. With internet telephony, you can connect with anyone, anywhere no matter how far off personals you want to converse with. It’s a small world and Voip phone services make us believe this is so true.

Voip gives us convenience, but it has some risks also.

Internet is prone to eavesdroppers and phishers, and that makes broadband phones a threat to this menace too. Voip calls are routed over the Internet and thus can easily be interrupted by anyone with a protocol analyzer easily by taking over the voice data packets. This way anyone can listen to your personal or business conversations, which can be a serious physical or financial threat to you.

If you want to keep your voip calls safe from any such attacks, keeping your privacy intact, then the best solution for this problem is with ‘encryption’.

When people call using their broadband phone, their audio or voice signals are teleported in the form of data packets. If, by any chance, a hacker gets hold of any of these packets while they are being transmitted, it becomes easier for the person to decode any insecure data packet and opens doors for himself to eavesdrop on your voip calls. If you want to keep all your voip calls protected, get them encrypted.

Once, voip calls could only be encrypted if you – the user- had enough knowledge on how to encrypt your calls and protect them from unwanted incidents. After a series of development and Voip evolvement, today many renowned VoIP service providers are now providing services with built-in call encryption facility to keep the calls encrypted and protected.

With this built-in encryption in a voip phone, this means that when voice data packets are transmitted, the information sent across remains safe and protected till it reaches its respective destination. Even if someone tries to intercept your voip calls, the hacker won’t be able to get through and retrieve any information whatsoever.

Always make sure that the voip service provider you choose for acquiring a voip phone service, offers you a built-in call encryption facility. This way, you will not have to worry about a thing to get your calls encrypted yourself, instead they are self-encrypted, thanks to your Voip service provider’s proprietary software. However, it is best to confirm it with your voip provider if they offer this encrypted software to facilitate for the protection of your voip calls, before you purchase their service.

In other case, you can also go for software like Zfone, to encrypt your calls. Other ways, to encrypt your calls include SRTP (Secure Real-Time Transfer Protocol, TLS (Transport Layer Security) and IPsec (IP Security), VPN (Virtual Private Network).

So, choose what is best for your needs and keep your service protected from all voip threats.



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