What is the Difference between Landline and Voip Phone Service

Voip Technology may have come in existence a few decades ago; however, quite recently this technology has gained a tremendous momentum in its use and significance both on business and individual usage basis. This amazing facility aids in carrying out voice communication over the internet. A high-speed broadband internet connection is all one requires for a voip call, rather than the wires in a conventional landline service.

Traditional telephone service comprises of a phone that is connected to a land line. Nevertheless, this form of communication is susceptible to interference and delivery is much slower. Opportunely, Voip Digital Phone Service has revolutionized the way we communicate now. The arrival of the Internet changed the way we converse. The high-speed data transmission via internet is the most advanced form of communication and is provided by Digital providers.

The biggest advantage bestowed upon us by VoIP services in preference to traditional landline services, is the easy installation features and extremely low cost twice as less as your landline. A broadband connection and an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA), which is provided by VoIP service provider is all the equipment you need to make low priced phone calls anywhere in the world. Considering the easy-to-handle equipment with an economical infrastructure and ATA, you can also use your traditional telephone to make VoIP calls. In terms of price, most voip service providers charge as low as $20 for all the features which include caller id, call waiting, conference facilities, call transfer, call-block, 3-way calling and much more; whereas traditional phone services are more pricey with separate tariffs and added taxes for both local and long distance calls.

Another worth-mentioning fact that differentiates VoIP services from your landline phone service is in terms of flexibility. This means, while your normal telephone is perpetually connected to the telephone line, your ATA is quite handy and can be taken along with you anywhere in the world. In that case, by attaching it to a normal telephone and an internet connection, you can effortlessly make VoIP calls to any other ATA in the same network free of extra charges. Also, who needs answering machines when you can check your voice mail remotely, via email or web portal? Whenever someone leaves a voice mail for you, it is delivered right to your email box. You can also call an access number, enter your number and pin code and check the awaiting voice mails and of course you always have the option to access your voice mails via web portal.
Making International phone calls using your landline is a thoughtless idea, speaking of your phone high bills and huge taxes included. Since, VoIP is carried over the internet; there are very modest taxes, which can be afforded by anyone easily. The expense of having a traditional landline service is way higher than having a voip phone service.

The abovementioned clearly reveals that VoIP services are far better than traditional phone services in many aspects and nobody gives a better-quality and up-to-date service than Axvoice VoIP service providers.



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